my ways pt. 2

in my frist one i gave you a basic outlook on my wiccan ways…Now lets dive abit more into the most popular rumors about wicca that are far from true

  1. all wiccans are female…obviously not im male
    2.wiccans have orgies…not true this was made to demonize the faith within around the victorian age because some pagans would do rituals naked or ‘skyclad’ to feel closer to nature
    3.wiccans worship the devil… im not gonna even touch this one
    4.wiccans (pagans for that matter) worship nature…wrong,wrong,wrong…what many pagans do is worship the dieties in nature, for we dont think gods and godesses are external, but internal of every blade of grass, every bug, everything that is alive…
  2. all pagans hate christians…not true, although some do. most of it is the practictioners of a relgion that “shove the bible down your throat” and tell you that if your not with us then your going to burn forever in the lake of fire"…i dont hate christians because of that, i dont even hate the people who have i just pitty them

well that was part 2 of my little spat with alot more to come


I have found that when I meet a pagan, that each are different. Some are wiccan (and there are many different types of wiccans), some are pantheists, some lean toward theosophy, etc., etc., etc. Many understand that there is one ultimate source of Divinity.

I have to listen to and understand each person’s concept of that Divinity separately.

In my experience, pagans are like snowflakes - no two are alike. :smiley: And I have found some of the most Christ like attitudes among pagans.

So when you squish a cockroach or dig a weed out of the ground you’re destroying all or part of a god or goddess? Cool! Where’s that flyswatter!

that was not called for

I think you are protesting too much;)

Let me ask you a serious question: Who makes the rules about these pagan religions?

More later, hopefully.

I apologise for using the word ‘cool’. In all fairness you’ve been more than happy to mock many of the things I and my fellow Catholics believe.

And have you never squished a cockroach or dug a weed out of the garden yourself? There is undeniably something satisfying about it, regardless of your religious beliefs about same.

when have i mocked your beliefs? when have i ever said “christianity and catholicism specifically is so fracking stupid it should be put to death” …have i said it, no

No, you’ve only implied that our views on sexuality for one are ‘fracking stupid’ to use your phrase. I believe you called them ‘Victorian’. And I’ve apologised, it was thoughtless of me.

and i accept your apology, but im just wondering did you know what i ment when i was talking about ‘Victorian’ ?

do you even know?

well i would be a complete idiot if i didn’t…when i say victorian
i refer to the victorian age in england where anything pleasurable was automatically named a sin and wrong, this even ment talking about things that are ment to be done private was frowned upon greatly

but i have to admit, they did have pretty dresses back then

I thought that was what you were getting at, although I’d disagree with ‘anything pleasurable’ being named a ‘sin’ - (after all, there are other pleasures than sex, I hardly imagine they set taboos on discussing food or music, for example).

Certainly there was little discussion in public of sexual matters.

Wow, nothing like continuing an argument from another post…
Why don’t we stay on topic…

Reborn- You react too easily at others proding. Sometimes it is better to step back and think about whether it is really worth it to continue the argument or not.

heheh like i said im just a stupid 15 year old, what do i know?

Reborn- I’m only 29 you’re not that much younger than me :slight_smile:
Stop putting yourself down and don’t think that “just because your 15” it doesn’t give you the right to ask questions or even take offense to answers.
I am only suggesting that sometimes you have to pick your battles. If people know how to push your buttons, it becomes entertaining for them.


Just to take a stab on getting back to topic…

No one exactly. There are many people who write books about their beliefs and some things that are commonly accepted, but there are no “rules”. The idea behind the lack of structure is that you MUST take personal active involvment in your searching, and never take the knowledge you come by for granted. Unfortunately there are those who still do this, but I hope that at some point each of them will wake up to their own complacency.

That has been my experience. Even if someone identifies themselves as a Wiccan, there are so many different variations within wicca that you have to get to know each person as an individual. You can’t really say that all pagans are wiccan, or are pantheists, or whatever. Pagans are like snowflakes, no two are alike (it’s not necessarily a bad thing).

Please forgive me if I’m missing something and I’m not always the brightest and most observant person, but are you saying there is no absolute truth for a wiccan/pagan to follow?
I’ve been trying to follow posts and threads by the pagans on this forum to find a solid consistency and it seems that it’s only the view that one could do whatever he/she wants as long at it appears that it doesn’t cause any drastic damage (harm) to the greater society. Is this it?

A couple of interesting books that folks interested in the topic of “what is a Pagan/Neopagan?” might find useful.

Paganism: an introduction to earth-centered religions by Joyce and River Higginbotham

Drawing Down the Moon by Margot Adler (yes, the NPR correspondent) look for the newest edition of this one for the most updated information. A new paperback version was released last October.

The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Paganism by Carl McComan

These are more survey books than “how-to’s” for a specific tradition. The first one by the Higginbothams goes a bit beyond simply descriptive and tries to get at some of the underlying philosophy common to many (but not all) Neopagan religions.

They will help you understand that there is not a religion called “Paganism.” That all those who use the descriptor Neopagan are Wiccan (I am not, never have been), though Wicca is probably the most commonly encountered Neopagan religion. That some of the religions grouped under the term Neopagan are more different from each other than Christianity and Buddhism are, or Christianity and Islam.

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