My wife and JW's


Some JW’s paid a visit to my home the other day.

My wife did not immediately know who they were, so she asked them.

They told her they were JW’s.

She immediately told them we were Catholic and would remain Catholic.

They asked if they could come in an share some scripture with her.

She told them “No. We are Catholic. Go be the best JW you can be, but don’t come back here.”

May seem harsh, but I am proud of her.


I’ve been planning plenty of times what I would say when they come over to my house. They came over a few times already but I wasn’t home; they just left something in the mailbox.


I got yelled at because I told 2 mormons that we were Catholic and didn’t need them. Apparently I was being rude.


My Grandma used to meet them at the door and sprinkle holy water on them, I think that tops your response :rotfl:

I have a font right by the door so maybe next time I’ll dip my fingers and make the sign of the Cross and say a prayer for them to know the Truth and be set free from the errors.


:DI plan to have a discussion with them and ask a ton of questions and see if they can answer; see what happens. They confused me after I read their booklet at the library when I was about 6 or 7, I won’t let them confuse me now though, it’s safe to talk to them about religion.

I had a friend for four years who is a JW. But we never talked about it and I never realized it till 10 months ago. But the friend moved and we lost touch.:shrug:


I’ve had them come in a few times. When I read the book of wisdom to them, one got real uncomfortable. I saw a revelation in it and wanted to share. They were not impressed and did not return. Tim


If more people do this, do you think they’ll convert to Catholicism? As I said in my post, I plan to have a good discussion with them.:rolleyes:


I was real sincere with them and invited anyone who came in the Lords name. I remember I had them confess “Jesus is Lord” before I let them in. I really thought I was sharing the scripture with them. When I finished the man said " well, you know the bible was put together by men". Thats when we parted. They contridicted themselves. Tim


I told them the same thing, and told them my DH was a DF’d JW, so they haven’t been around since then. Probably because DH is already reinstated, probably he told them to leave me alone, who knows. The good thing is that they don’t come to bother me any more! :smiley: The only JWs I have to deal with now are DH and his 2 sisters (but one lives 7 hrs away).

But hey, if there is a next itme, I’ll be opening my door w/my rosary in my hands, or cross myself as I open the door (making sure they see me do it), this might scare them off… hehe :stuck_out_tongue:


:eek: Its a federal offense to leave anything but mail in the mailbox.

I live in Utah so not only do I get missionaries but Mormon neighbors knocking at the door on a regular basis. Lately I’ve been getting a lot of JW’s too.


My aunt tells the JWs “You are a Jehovah’s Witness? So am I!!!” The she has this long (very Baptist) spiel about Jehovah the old testament and Salvation. She points out a bunch of scripture calling God Jehovah in the Bible and then talks about the importance of “witnessing” to people. She says they never quite know what to say to her and she ever gets the same ones to come back.


This is excellent!

New Advent even has a nice piece on the name Jehovah.!


Did they melt?


Really? Well practically the only thing in that mailbox (by the doorway) of mine is evangelical stuff, for Mormon, JW, and this other religion I’m not sure about. The normal mail is the mailbox across the street.


A few years ago, some sect came to my door.

Right of the bat, I asked them who’s your founder. They said it wasn’t founded by any. I asked when was it started. They pointed to a time and I said then who started back then. They couldn’t win the argument. I told them I don’t follow any religion found by a man but God. They gave up on me.

I bet that was one argument they weren’t prepared for.:smiley:


Some years ago, I got visited by a JW. We had a very interesting discussion. He insisted on leaving me the Watchtower. I agreed providing he took in return a Catholic Truth Society booklet.

He left but came back a few minutes later,looking very sad and handing me back the CTS booklet. He explained that when he met up with the main group, the Elders were angry with him for taking a Catholic booklet as it was strictly forbidden to read anything not censored by the JW censors.

How sad that they are even dictated to about what they are allowed to read and what not to.


This is really sad. They want to hide everything anti/against JW from their members.


:smiley: :thumbsup:


My husband was outside working in the yard when he noticed a car parking in front of the house. A lady got out of the car and my husband, as sweet as can be, asked “Exuse me are you lost?” He then saw the books she was holding (The Watch tower) then without missing a beat said " Oh you are lost how can I help you?":rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:

She was on her first door to door and she got my apologetic,Scott Hahn listener,EWTN lover, Confession every three weeks, Knight of Columbus and teaches CCD husband!

She told my husband that she used to be a CCD teacher and my husband told her “You must not have been propery catechised.”(sp)

She never had a chance:nope:

We place pamplets outside our door and people come and take them.



let me relate what happened to my mom. jw’s hounded my mom one day. they showed up on her property even though there are clearly visible no trespassing signs. she told them to get off her property. they did after trying to convert her. mom was livid. she phoned me in distress and told me about it.

i was mad that they’d hound a little old lady like they did. so, i called the headquarters in canada, and also called the hall where my mother lives, and politely tore a strip off them. i said, they weren’t paying attention to the no trespassing sings even though they ARE visible as you can’t miss them! i got some lip from them, and i told them, if they go out on my moms land again, i will call the police.

again, i got some sort of lip from them. my mother has a long standing dislike of them. and they had the nerve to go out to her rural property in a car load and terrify her. she has 2 big dogs, and good thing too. they ignored the dogs despite their frantic barking and banged on moms door until she came out. mom doesn’t have a phone. so she called me from my brothers place and asked me to put a stop to it. they honestly terrified a little old wonderful lady!

then they had the nerve to make excuses to me on the phone!:mad: i know my mom, and she was freaked right out believe me. 4 strangers show up at her door ignoring the no trespassing signs ( private property too ) bang on it until she comes out, argue with her even though she told them to get off her property, and then leave after they upset her really badly.

my mom does not spin stories. even her neighbor heard what happened, so he watches her property like a believe me. how dare they go out there unwelcome and terrify her like that!!!:mad: after their conversation with me, they haven’t done it again. believe me, they go there and they get arrested.

when a witness is told not to come back and they do, it is harassment. sometimes they do not know when to quit.:mad: in this case, they did quit. i told the society that if they show up again they will be in court and that is NO joke. i don’t care how many high priced lawyers the society has, if they show up again, i will call the cops and so will moms neighbor.

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