My wife had visitors today


Not sure what group they represented but they were evangilizing for some other church. Anyway my wife called with her reponses and I was so proud of her (confirmed Catholic '95). She was charitable to be sure but direct as well. Eyebrows were raised several times. Needless to say they want to come back and reconcile Eph 2:8-9 and James 2:24.

We will have to see if they come back. Got read a few chapters of Nuts and Bolts again.



WTG, wife! :thumbsup:


You might want to remind your wife that pre-Reformation churches don’t claim to be bound by sola scriptura, so we don’t have to reconcile anything. The tradition of the Church suffices.


Give your wife an extra compliment for being charitable and taking time to answer!

We’ve had two groups of Mormons recently, and they always manage to catch me in the middle of my kids making a huge mess. I’m afraid I haven’t been very talkative.

“Hello? Oh, it’s you guys again… I don’t believe Jesus was an angel, I don’t believe God is just some good guy from another universe, and do you see that flag? That’s the Vatican flag, and probably a good indication that this house is happy with its choice of religion. Good bye!”






Hello…this is “the wife.” The 2 people actually came back this evening (we were shocked) and began discussing with us, not Eph 2:8-9 and James 2:24, but that the commandments under Moses were “abolished” in the New Testament and therfore, null and void. The scripture that they showed to us as “proof” only showed to me that the New Testament explained in further detail the Ten Commandments, not nullifying them. Was I right in this?

You might want to remind your wife that pre-Reformation churches don’t claim to be bound by sola scriptura, so we don’t have to reconcile anything. The tradition of the Church suffices.

…bpbasilphx, I did some research on these folks…they called themselves about 9 different names but finally settled on the Church of Christ (post-reformation, I think). And they were VERY bound by sola scriptura (we had a good discussion on Bible only versus Bible AND Tradition as laid out scripturally for us in the bible). I don’t shy away from speaking the truths about my Faith to anyone who asks…the tradition of the Church may be sufficient, but as a Christian in the Church Christ founded, it’s my responsiblity to share the truth with them. Evangelize, evangelize, evangelize (Pope John Paul II called us to evangelization)! It’s the only way to show folks (when they ask or see how I live) how beautiful, Bible-based, and Christ-founded our Catholic Church is!

Anyway, these people were here for 2 hours…I think they were literally shocked they encountered Catholics who were knowledgible in their Faith and in the Bible. We had no problems keeping up with them. They seemed mildly annoyed when we politely declined to use one of their bibles (which had New Testament only). It was a good, friendly debate, but they definitely didn’t change our minds. If anything, they only accomplished making us love our Catholic Faith all the more!! :thumbsup:

Right before they left, I reminded the gentleman that he had challenged me to “harmonize” Eph 2:8-9 and James 2:24. I quietly handed him a Pillar of Truth Pillar of Fire pamphlet, and paper with all I had found in an apologetics book on the subject of works vs. faith for him. The woman with him was extremely suprised and even said she looked forward to reading it. I really don’t think they will, but if by some fluke (or the moving of the Holy Spirit!) they do read it, maybe it will open their hearts and make them think…:slight_smile:

"The Wife"
Chris :smiley:


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Easy to reconcile. Just ask why they eliminate Eph 2:10 and toss in Gal 5:6 for good measure. The gospels are overloaded with Christs teachings, What must I do to have eternal life…pick up your cross and follow me, Mt 24 and 25 and so on.

You can also link our final salvation determined by a lifetime of keeping the faith with God working through us , Heb 13: 20-21, fear and trembling Phil 2:12, 2 Tim 4:7-8, good works romans 2:7, prayer, 1 Thess, 5:17, keeping the commandments: Mt 19:17, and holiness Heb 12:14.

Faith doesn’t produce works (that would be man relying on himself) Love produces works, specifically Gods love working through us as we freely respond to him, our fiat so to speak. Truthfully the faith produces works stuff is completely mans works without God and comes from the Schofield study bible.

Peace and God Bless


Nice work! :thumbsup:

Even if (especially if) they don’t come back, don’t forget to pray and offer small sacrifices for them that the Holy Spirit waters the seed you’ve planted. God bless!



Way to go, Mommyof5! :clapping:

You never know what seeds you’ve planted, even if you don’t get to see any results in this life. Your story reminded me to pray for the Jehovah’s Witnesses that my husband talked to for an hour a few years back…


bring up eze 18 next since they likely are osas


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