My Wife is considering converting to Byzantine Catholic


My wife is considering and praying about converting from being Protestant Nazarene to Byzantine Catholic.
I am Latin rite but we attend a Ukrainian Byzantine Catholic mission.

Please pray for my wife’s conversion.


May the Lord’s hand guide your family’s decision and may His mother lead you in all your ways.


Praying for your wife and her conversion.


Praying to the Holy Spirit to give your wife guidance & direction to the Catholic Church.


My wife was Nazarene, and I was Latin! God is good! (we became Byzantine Catholic, though).



My wife was hesitating on conversion for awhile because of the Churches teachings on contraceptives.

Wife removed the IUD were learning to use NFP although we still need to take classes.

She is being received into the Ukrainian Rite of the Roman Catholic Church on October 1st on the Feast of the protection of the Mother God also St Therese feast day.


Congratulations to y’all.


Congratulations! May God grant you and your wife many blessings! :bride_with_veil:t2: :prayer_beads:


I will pray for the both of you. Just please acknowledge that my prayers come from unworthy lips. God Bless you both on your journey. Welcome home.


Congratulations! Wonderful news. Praying.


God is good! Many years!


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