My Wife.

My wife is so unkind and uncaring towards me, I am very sad.

I broke a bone in my foot and she doesn’t care that I have to walk five miles to and from work with a broken bone and still doing housework, crawling on my knees upstairs with the hoover.

She is annoyed that we can’t go swimming.

I am not one for being weighted on but she is like this when I am ill too, I just wonder will she feel anything the day I die.

She sits there and watches me struggle, basically hopping on one leg, balancing my bad foot on my heel in agony.

I know I cannot pray for her to change because it is free will but can I not do something?

She is nice to others and sometimes nice to me but she just doesn’t seem to care, she shrugs her shoulders and says nothing nice to me.

Everyone else can treat me badly if they want but it hurts when it comes from her. I even had to walk to the hospital and back in pain.

How shall I pray?


Don’t despair, free will is not immutable, as even Pharaoh’s heart was softened. Meditate I that and go back to prayer. I’m sure others have more practical advice.

It must be extremely distressing to find that someone who should under the promises of her marriage vows be caring; is, in fact, so cold to your obvious distress. I find you can’t change others, but you can change yourself. Here is an excellent opportunity to pray for your wife, to excuse her before the Lord. Unrequited love is what Jesus has for us, finding mostly no response from us; and we can share with Him our suffering at not being cared for as we think we should be.
I often offer up any pain I have to the intentions of our Blessed Mother.
Also you don’t know what goes on in your wife"s mind. She may think you are putting it on and acting accordingly. Give her the benefit of the doubt and talk to her about your real pain and what you reasonably expect of her. Sharing housework is a good thing but crawling up the stairs vacuuming goes against a man’s inalienable rights.

Praying for you. God bless you. Keep praying. I hope you feel better very soon.

Merciful God please heal what is not right or loving in this relationship.

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