My Wordly Family


Today, my mom, myself, and my little brother went to a Christian book store to buy a study Bible for my friend because it was her birthday tomarrow and I got her interested in God. (score:D) The whole time we were there, I was so filled with the Spirit. But my mom kept cursing and my little brother kept being arrogant/antagonistic- you know, eleven.
I noticed my mom likes to spare the rod and spoil the child…:frowning:
My little brother is violent to the max! He kept freaking-out/crying-screaming-idk over a gameboy, so I took it away because he couldn’t control his temper. He lashed out and beat me like an abusive father beats his wife!! I confronted my parents because I was worried if he grew up like this, and she actually says, word-for-word"
"He’s just an angry person…"
I replied in frustration:
“I sure hope his wife doesn’t have that outlook.”
"Are those broozes? Did he HIT YOU!?!?!"
Wife-"Oh, he’s just an angry person…"
After I said this both my parents gasped. I saw awareness in their eyes.

What should I do about my worldly family?


Pray, offer the pain and suffering he causes for the conversion of sinners (that includes you and your family), and trust in Jesus.


I am sorry that your parents have an ineffective style of parenting. Perhaps you could suggest family counseling or that your parents attend parenting classes to gain more knowledge in how to handle your brother’s outbursts. Remember that you are not in charge and other than to help educate your parents, God is your greatest ally. Pray. Be consistant in dealing with your brother; at least he will know what to expect from you. My prayers are with you. :signofcross:


When ever you thing of it sliently say the holy name. (which is Jesus).

I have done this I silently say to myself “Jesus”, “Jesus”. …Say it with heart and love.

I am conviced Jesus really likes this. You can end up saying the Holy Name hundreds of times per day. Remember though its not like a forumla or mantra its HIS name…it will remind you of Him throughout the day.


Great advise Janechantal, and the rest of ya.:thumbsup: thanks.


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