My Year As An Abortion Doula


This is all free and they partner with hospitals. They also do regular deliveries and I just wonder how wide-spread this is.

The Doula Project is a volunteer-run, collectively led organization of over fifty full-spectrum doulas.


How horrifying. Its like advertising for a hit man.


This woman’s natural response to the abortion is repulsion & nausea. But like a good police detective working crime scenes she strives to overcome the physical and emotional reactions to what she sees, hears, and smells.


As difficult as it was to read the graphic and barbaric recounting of the numerous abortions this “Doula” assisted in,the most upsetting paragraph was the last.
That in spite of all she had witnessed,the woman’s right to proceed with her life the way she wants is tantamount to the horrors of the procedure and the loss of innocent life:(:(:frowning:


Did you read the comments following the article? NY Magazine not a pro life publication but more comments then expected finding the abortion details sick or troubling.
Another example why the pro-abortion crowd does not want pictures or details of abortion, including partial birth abortion, displayed. Ignorance is comfortable.


Reading that made me feel physically ill…especially the line of the fetus all intact that "sleeps like you and me " but then of course looked like an alien…or something as such.

Have Mercy on us and on the whole world…


I just re read the last paragraph and something else jumped out.She states how brave these women were and comforts them by telling them it is over,it’s finished.
Oh boy! Nothing could be farther from the truth.The pain of the abortion process will soon be replaced by momentary relief,then the real pain sets in.The depression,regret ,unending tears ,mourning what could have been.This is the real face of a postabortive woman.:(:(:frowning:


Reminds me of something a Charles Manson would tell his disciples after they do some dastardly deed as instructed.


It is reflective of how callous one would have to be in order to participate in this evil.
I really don’t know how they can do it,actually.:frowning:


Oh my Jesus, forgive us our sins, save us from the fires of Hell. Lead all souls into Heaven, especially those in most need of Thy mercy. Amen.


When I saw this thread come up on the new threads column on the right I deliberately avoided reading the article…then I accidentally came across republished on another site and it was that thing where the more horrified you become the harder it is to stop, and now I’ve just sat numbly for (it turned out) almost 20 minutes, having read it.

I know - I trust we all do - that most abortions are not what is mostly described there. But that was possibly the most unbearable thing I’ve read in a very long time. I can’t really process it. It’s just…awful. I can’t. And I can’t get over calling someone who offers support during an abortion a doula, either. It just seems messed up, somehow.



I agree,that the writer,referring to herself as a “Doula” is a perversion of the term.I think this is intentional.One thing I have noticed,as it pertains to articles like this,that they are so warped and in your face re the horrors of abortion,while at the same time,glossing over the horrors with such wholehearted support of these acts for the sake of the woman’s right to choose.This is the Evil One working overtime.God help us all.:(:frowning:


So many girls have doulas today and they are thought as the helpful one who gets you through the pain of pregnancy. That thee doulas do both pregnancy and abortion is scary. How do their minds grasp that?

The terms doula is the same as an abortion nurse or an abortion doctor. Our minds are so twisted that when we hear of an abortion doctor we should be shocked because doctors are there to help and to save. We have become so desensitized.


I didn’t get much past the “description”. It’s difficult to read.


Exactly!This is an attempt to normalize the evil of abortion by intertwining it with the labor and birth process.It is just so sick!

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