Myers-Briggs Personality and Christian Belief


Is there a connection between one’s personality traits and the Christian denomination/church one decides to attend in adult life? Does the denomination/church that one decides to attend have little to do with one’s personality?

I have decided to focus on two areas: 1) Intuition(N)/Sensory(S) and 2) Feeling(F)/Thinking(T).

This is not meant to be a survey, since it’s not a random sample. But I look forward to seeing if any of my intuitions are true about where certain people tend to fall when it comes to which religion/church/denomination they choose to follow in adult life.

Feel free to comment on any connection or no firm connection between personality and the religion/church/denomination one chooses as an adult. :slight_smile:

In case you don’t know your Myers-Brigg personality, you can obtain a relatively accurate calculation here:

In the poll, I have listed only the 2nd and 3rd letters of the 4-letter code. So, if you are an ISTJ, then you are an ST for the sake of this poll. ENFP = NF; ESFJ = SF; and so on.

Basically, you can be one of four: ST, SF, NT, NF, although there is sometimes flexibility.

I would have desired to include the last letter of the code, but due to a limited number of poll options, I have decided to place the limit to the second and third letters of the code.

I wish I had more poll options, but since I’m limited to 10, I am somewhat forced to lumping Protestant Christians into one classification as “Christian, but not Catholic.” Hopefully the posts on this thread will flesh out the answers to this poll.


I took this a few years ago and came out a Field Marshal.

Took it again with the same result, LOL!

I will find this interesting, I have a few theories of my own why some people tend to follow various religions.



I’ve been curious about the same thing. I’m eager to see the results!


NF - Intuitive/Feeling (INFP for all four letters if you’re interested)

So far I’m the token non-Christian on the poll :slight_smile:


I’m a cradle Catholic and have either been NF or NT my entire life. I change from time to time depending on the wording of the questions and what sort of things are going on in my life. Curretnly I reside well on the NT side of things, it appears.


Classic INTJ here, and practicing Catholic (which those of you who read my posts already know).

~~ the phoenix


INTJ and Catholic.

My problem with this test is that it doesn’t account for hormonal changes!:smiley:

But seriously, I have to say that for many of the questions, I could have honestly answered either way, because depending on the day or week or month I’m having, I react differently to same situations. :wink:

And also, how I think or feel and how I actually behave can be very different things, which made it difficult to definitively answer some of the questions.



ennegram I’ll get back to you

born year of the dog

and I am a true Pisces


You just had a birthday year! I looked all over for a Chinese calendar with the dog but they were so popular I couldn’t get one!


ENTP and Catholic


right on!
my objection to this and other personality tests is that it measures feelings and reactions at the time the person answers, and does not do anything to uncover real deep-seated personality traits. the fallacy being the assumption that people’s actions are determined by their superficial feelings of the moment, rather than driven by deep seated often unacknowledged or unexplored needs.


I am ESFJ----- I would say it fits. I took this back in college but I dont remember what I was. There were some questions I would have answered differently a couple of years ago.

I am definitely an extrovert:D and have way too many feelings.:o


INTJ and Catholic and I’ve taken the test twice and got the same results each time.


INTJ and Catholic. I have taken the test several times always with the same results.


INTP and passionately Catholic


Your Type is
[size=]ESFP[/size]ExtrovertedSensingFeelingPerceivingStrength of the preferences % 89388844


where are all the NF’s hiding?

Come out come out whereever you are! Calling all intuitive empaths…hello, hello, is anyone home?


ESFP and Catholic

My highest were Extroverted 89% and Feeling 88%

Is this the test that some employers give prior to hiring? I’m afraid I’d never get the job. They would realize that I’d be spending all of my time chatting, rather than working! :o


You are:
distinctively expressed introvert
moderately expressed sensing personality
moderately expressed feeling personality
moderately expressed judging personality


Catholic INTJ

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