Myspace (why I now dislike it)

Every time the topic of myspace comes up I have defended it saying how the good outweighs the bad. However, now I have changed my mind. The site is getting worse and worse. I get more spam mail than ever with porn sites and friend requests for viewing ones nude pictures and I’m tired of filtering through it all. However, that is not what did it for me. I can handle porn since at least that is a fairly legitimate industry immoral as it may be. What I can not accept is the continuous advertizements I see for a site called illicit encounters. This just makes me sick. It is a site for married couples and I guess singles who like affairs, who want casual sex and affairs with no strings attached. I’m not married but I don’t know what bothers me more, the fact that this site exists or the fact that there is a high enough demand for it to exist. How dare myspace have an advertizment supporting something like this. The only thing that makes me look the other way is not having an alternative. However, my friends convinced me to join Facebook and I don’t see any reason to be on myspace much anymore now. One thing that I do understand now is why some parents keep their children away from myspace. In college they will be able to make a facebook which is much better and achieves the same thing. It really is not until one is in college that it is necessary to maintain contacts and keep in touch with people over the web anyways. Well I am done with my rant.

feel free to defend myspace as I have done in the past. Perhaps you can convince me to once again approve of the site but with the alternative I now have it seems unlikely.

Wow, that sounds terrible. I don’t think my teenaged daughter had a problem with getting those types of ads since she had her profile set to private. She also only added people she actually knew.

However, a few weeks ago she suddenly deleted her whole profile. She said she was just sick of how much time she spent on it and of all the head games people played, especially with all of their bulletin messages. I guess she has started a trend, because a couple of her friends have now deleted their profiles too. I think it’s great. It’s like hours have been added to her day.

I belong to Facebook. I haven’t been on since Ash Wednesday, as I gave it up for Lent, but it is getting a little MySpacey, from what I remember.
Facebook is offering advertisements, but not as plentiful as MySpace. Also, groups on campus can buy advertisement space that shows up when you long in.
Also, Facebook is open to the public now, so there is a chance for it going the way of MySpace soon.
On the other hand, there are quite a few very good Catholic groups (not as good as here, but almost :slight_smile: )
We’re not Crazy, We’re Catholic is fun
Just put Catholic into the group search function to find them.
And if you want to friend me on Facebook, send me an PM on here.

True but you can’t view someone’s profile unless they are in your network as in the school you go to or if they are on your friend’s list. I don’t mind advertizements as long as they aren’t as bad as the ones on myspace. I’m sure eventually the porns stars and hackers will eventually find ways to invade people on Facebook as well if its not already happening. However, I do see a trend happening as well. People are getting tired of myspace and starting to use it less. If enough people do this then maybe it will make a difference. Again, I appreciate the free service and know that advertizements are essential. However, the content of the advertizements do not have to be so terrible. Oh, thanks for the offer Patience but I prefer to keep my anonomity, if that is how you spell it, on here. I would have to be more cautious of what I post and how honest I can be on these forums if anyone can associate my name with who I am.

No Problem :wink:

Yeah, myspace shouldn’t be for kids. I have both myspace and facebook. Facebook doesn’t have the nude pictures and sexual solicitation (its against the rules and moderated well). I prefer myspace though because of the forums and groups. The groups on myspace are a lot more active and interesting than facebooks groups.

You know, if people have problem with Ads or images in them, I would recommend using Firefox and then downloading Adblock, which will block all Ads from coming up. You can manually turn it off and on, so if you wish to view a specific one, you can.

I highly recommend it and have been using it with great success for most of this year. It has made my trips to myspace very easy. Although, I am a big fan of facebook, I just wish it was still private.

What is really going on is that many people want their page to look unique. So they find these premade backgrounds from the internet.

What ends up happening is some of those backgrounds put an layer on top of the page where if you click their pics or try to add a comment it takes you to a page that asks for that password saying you need to sign into myspace.

Mnay people do that cause it looks legit but all it is, is a third party sign that will take your password and then go back later and place ads.

This is the only time where IE7 is better than firefox. It is the only browser I used that noticed this and will alert you.

Or if you use firefox tell your kids when it asks you to put in a password look at the URL bar and make sure it says "

Its suppose to be the newest safe place for families to have a space on the net. I dont use it but have heard about. It sounds good for a family.

If you want a blog, you can obtain webspace (room for a webpage) and use Blogger or some other blogging engine, or even a message board script, or write one. In fact, you don’t even have to code any blogging engine, you can write pages by hand and just upload them. HTML is very nice to do and generally easy. PHP is more difficult and more for the geeky-minded, but unless you absolutely hate coding, it should still be okay. I’ve done that. And I can help you, of course (or anyone).

For not so much money, you can obtain your own webspace and your own domain. That means your blog can be, not kind of address. Additionally, if you own it, you don’t have to put up any banners or other advertisements. You can put whatever you want on that site and you can at least redirect your e-mail by domain aliases (e.g., to your normal e-mail account (such as if the vendor provides such an option.

Hello everyone :slight_smile:

There are a couple Catholic Christian alternatives. I have posted some of these in a thread on the Hands and Feet Podcast forums. I also posted some good tips on how to block the impure advertising that plagues MySpace. Feel free to PM me if you need help with this.

God Bless,
Josh from Ohio

I guess I am lucky wjp984. My internet savy neice has set up and maintaines mine for me & I never get the bad stuff. I do not know how she does it.

The reason I’m on Myspace and not Facebook is simple.

I’m not a college student and as I understand it. You cant see people that arnt on your campus. So there would be no way for me to make friends…

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