Sorry if this is been talked about but I looked and couldnt find it. I was thinking about getting a myspace but I have heard bad things about it so I am not sure. I have facebook and like it. but I dont know much about myspace other then a few of my friends have it. what do yall think?

I have myspace, I love it for keeping up with all the friends and family spread across the country. It also enabled me to reunite with the old school pals I lost track of, which is turning into a lot of fun. Of course if I have never hugged you, chances are you are not on my friends list. Thats just the way I like it. My 14yo son has a myspace, but it is blocked on the kids computer, so he can only access it on mine while I am present, and I have the password and he knows I will log in just to check on it.
If you mean myspace to just meet random people, I would suggest getting a hobby, there are definently some wierdos on there.
I have facebook too, but more of my friends are on myspace.

Well with what you said and the rate the poll is going I think I am just going to stick to my Facebook lol

I have facebook and myspace. I like facebook better, but that’s probably because I got it first and more of my friends are on it. Personally I just find facebook easier to use.

I find it interesting that those who are partcipating the poll and are giving negatve response aren’t commenting on the reason why. I have Myspace and I love it. It’s extremely private, I love that you have to know my last name and/or email in order to even contact and view my site.

I have two Myspace accounts. I use one for family notes and photos. I use the other as a giant egreeting card. The privacy level is fabulous. I have NEVER had problems with unwanted viewers.

How a Myspace account is run is what makes or breaks it. I don’t know your circumstances, so I can’t say if it would be good or bad for you. Myspace itself is morally neutral.

I’ll comment.

MySpace has negative connotations the second you mention the site. Most people I know would never consider having a MySpace account because of this. Then again - I’m 43 and hang mostly with professionals and educators. Not sure if that has anything to do with it or not.


I would never do it. I have a Facebook account, but ONLY because I have one friend who refuses to communicate any other way. I don’t have anything on there myself though, and don’t intend to.


I have a Facebook and a Myspace. I deleted my original Myspace account, then started another because I had a couple friends on Myspace who weren’t on Facebook.

Facebook is so much better…much fewer ads than Myspace, just a nicer website, and I think there’s fewer people pretending to be what they’re not. There’s nothing wrong with having a Myspace though, especially if you make it private. It can be a really good way to keep in touch with people. Facebook can do the same thing with fewer ads and flashy things though.

I just went to look at myspace. I think I am still going to stick with just Facebook. I like how Facebook has not so many ads and is easier to use. And I searched for my friends on there and the ones that have myspace are on my facebook lol.

I have a MySpace account, mainly to monitor my teenage son. I have been able to contact many of my friends who have moved away from San Diego, and I have a couple of good Catholic friends on there as well.

I also have Facebook - but honestly, I just don’t get it! LOL

I have Myspace and Facebook. And honestly, I like Myspace better. I can decorate it any way I want, I can do so much to it, that I can’t to Facebook. My facebook bothers me with all the history of things my friends did or didn’t do. It’s too plain. I like my Myspace because I have picture slides, videos, music videos, etc… I only got Facebook because one of my cousins refuses to get a Myspace.

Plus, Myspace does have good privacy settings. It’s just like facebook when it comes to privacy, or at least, that’s how it seems to me.

I don’t have either, but then again I am almost 40.

I can tell you at a teen safety meeting at my kids high school last year a woman came and discussed the dangers of myspace and facebook. For example, once you put photographs on either of those sites, they become property of the sites. Also, I don’t know how private they really are. If I want to stay in touch with people, I generally use email or just plain old fashioned USPS.

I think it’s different for teenagers than for adults. I’ve had a very positive experience with it as an adult. All my friends back home can see photos of our kids and be updated on our lives. Some old friends from HS have managed to find me. The only negative thing that ever happens is being asked to befriend strangers (usually bands or musicians.) No big deal, I just decline.

You can adjust the privacy levels if you like.

I have facebook, it’s far more private than MySpace and generally has a more grown up tone, MySpace is very teenybopper oriented.

I voted no.

I can keep in touch with people through my personal e-mail that the whole world can’t read.

Everything about your life does not need to be online… isn’t anything private anymore?

My kids have already been informed that they are not allowed on these sites. (myspace, facebook, etc.) If I caught them putting up accounts in defiance of my directive, I would get rid of my computer and go back to paying bills with checks and snail mail if that’s what it would take. There is too much risk, not only from predators, but from undeveloped childhood/teenage judgement. If you do something stupid IRL, it may not necessarily haunt you all your life. If you do something stupid online, it will exist FOREVER in its unaltered (as in, untempered by time) state. Even if you delete it 5 minutes later, someone could have copied it and saved it to a file. And speaking of predators, I don’t care about their “new” safety features. Too little too late. Where were they for YEARS as people complained about children being endangered on their sites? They didn’t care enough to do anything about it until they were getting hit in the wallet by lawsuits.

I second that response.

Some of my friends have had myspace pages–might as well call it mycreepyickypsychostalkerspace.

I just looked at the Facebook Terms of Use:

Facebook does not assert any ownership over your User Content; rather, as between us and you, subject to the rights granted to us in these Terms, you retain full ownership of all of your User Content and any intellectual property rights or other proprietary rights associated with your User Content.

That being said, they do have the right to do a lot of things with it – but from my uneducated-in-lawyer-language viewpoint, it seemed like most of that was because in order to have it online and viewable for other people, the website needs to be able to do things with it. Either way, if you remove it from the website they can only retain archived copies and they lose any rights over it besides that. I think most websites archive things and you can view them on certain “archive” websites, though.

:rotfl: :rotfl:

MY space is evil…

I am a IT professional, and could site example after example…

But the best way to sum up all the articles you find on the internet about these “social site” ask this question

“How do they make there money?”

I am sure you will not like the answer…

(P.S> it not placing Ad’s on the web pages)

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