Someone on here linked to their MySpace page and it got me thinking…

Does anyone on here have a MySpace page? I have one and if you would like to see it let me know! :slight_smile: It would be interesting to see other’s pages from here because it tells you a little more about them (and Pssst… you can even see what we all look like! Yikes! :bigyikes:)

Ummmm, I wasn’t aware that Myspace became a full out religion. Sure people wont ever stop talking about it but it becoming a full religion is kind of a shock to me.

Wait… WHAT? :confused:

I am not sure you understand… Who said anything about MySpace being a religion?

You posted this under “Non catholic religion” I am new here but I believe this would belong under the water cooler(?)

I posted this here, and I hope the mods keep it here, because this is where I post more… I like the people who post on this board and want to get EVERYONE’S opinion on MySpace not just the catholic view. :smiley:

Eh I still believe that this doesn’t belong here but to be honest I don’t really care, so I’ll answer your poll :smiley:

I don’t have myspace, but I have a facebook.

In today’s ever increasing Godless world (or at least they want to take God totally out of everything :frowning: ) Do you think MySpace is a positive or negative thing?

Well, thank you for your opinion. I will leave the decision to the mods but since this isn’t primarily an apologetics area (they actually have a board specifically for Apologetics) I think this is a good place for it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Before I answer, are you saying Myspace is bad for not having any references/religious views towards god?

No, not at all… But our world is trying to take it out of everything else so do you think that something like MySpace, which has some pretty questionable people and videos on it, a good thing or a bad thing?

Well I actually think not having god or a religious opinion in a company is a good thing. Because for example what if Myspace was…lets say Jewish then much less people of other religions would join it, either because there against the religion or there arrogant ignorant or “don’t like jews” this also applies to if they had any other religion in the company.

Also for the questionable videos/pictures I can’t say I’ve ever seen them so I’m sorry that I cannot answer your question there :frowning:

I voted yes, I do have a myspace page, but I don’t think it’s awesome - probably because I’m getting a bit old for that sort of thing.
I don’t think it’s a good thing or a bad thing in itself, it’s made up of individuals, most of them talking nonsense. (remind you of anything, folks?:smiley: )
I’m pretty new to it, but hopefully when I find my way around it a bit more I can use it to talk about my faith.

I joined MySpace mainly to find out about bands since I like music and going to see new bands. I almost never use it though. I may log in once a month. I do not have many friends on MySpace because most people that send friend requests are too weird or have a lifestyle that is contradictory to Christian values. Other than a few bands that I have added as my friends, the only other friends I have on MySpace are people who are real friends that I know personally. Even some of my band friends are people I know personally.

I have a myspace page. All the friends I have on it are my real friends from real life, and my family members, and we use it to keep in touch, share pics, etc.

I like it.

I have a MySpace but I haven’t logged on for almost a year or two. Almost all my friends have one. The reason why I haven’t done much to mine is because I’m busy with school and football. Football practice ends like at 5pm and I don’t have that much time for MySpace. After football season though, I’m going to have one, only because it’s going to be my senior year and MySpace is a good way to stay connected.


I love my MySpace, because it’s allowed me to keep in contact with friends after we all graduated High School and spread ourselves across the state. There are some questionable people and pictures, but it’s like anything else on the internet, you have to be smart and try and maintain a level of secrecy and know that no, “Brenda” doesn’t want to be your friend just so she can talk about moonlit beaches, despite what her profile might say. Overall, I think it’s great.

St. Augustine has a MySpace:

Apparently the Pope has a MySpace and that he Drinks. lol.

[quote=MySpace]Status: Single
Children: Proud parent

Single and a parent. Really? lol. Saint Augustine likes The Who!

I have a myspace page. It’s private. I set it up because an online pal of mine had some information on his that he wanted me to read. So, I had to have a page.

I don’t have much on it. Just a couple friends. A couple local bands that I know are on there so I can keep track of when and where they’re playing.

So, I don’t really fit any of the categories. I don’t use it much, and I don’t “go exploring”.

Although, I do have Sam Brownback’s myspace page on my favorites. Sam needs to get more love.

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