I’m just curious, do any teens or anyone have one? I just made one on Dec. 26th because it’s my senior year in high school and it’s a way to stay in contact. Anyways, I’m gonna be blogging about the faith just because I want to. It would be cool if some of you guys add me as a friend and maybe add your 2 cents in or something. :slight_smile:

My young adult children and some of their friends have a MySpace. My kids are still living at home so when I found out they had one I insisted they keep it private (which I suggest you do, too) so that only those they know could access it. I then created my own MySpace account (which my daughter ‘pimped’ for me) :stuck_out_tongue: and I had them add me to their ‘friends’ list so that I could see what their friends were writing and sharing and such.

We actually have fun with it and I do respect their privacy, meaning I don’t repeat what I know from their pages about their friends. They will soon be going away to college so this will be one way we keep in touch. I do like learning about their music/movie/book preferences this way. It has helped a lot. I also use it to keep in touch with out of state friends/family and my nieces, nephews and godchildren who are away at college. There are some good active Catholic groups on MySpace, some even for youth, so I do recommend you check some of them out and add them to your friends list. That way you’ll stay connected with like-minded teens respecting the faith.

That being stated, I urge you not to be so open with your MySpace but guard it as you would your bedroom. There are many sexual predators posing as teens just looking to prey on any vulnerabilities you expose in your blogs and music/film choices. You will also pick up various viruses for your computer from spammed comments that will wreak havoc at home if you keep your page open for public access. Note also, that teachers, school board administrators, local police officials and employers use Google to do searches on your name/known screen names to learn more about the ‘real you’ and to help them with preventing violent attacks at school and bullying. Make sure your parents are aware you have a myspace account and give them any access privileges they would like. Doing so may save your life one day.

I had to crack down on my 16 y.o. son’s use of it after I saw some 30 something woman in Germany sending pics of herself to him. Nothing graphic, just suggestive. Be careful and keep it private. Tim

It’s great to keep in contact with people and family but ditto to what they said above.

use caution.:cool:

aw so you guys wouldn’t want to add me as buddy or at least comment on my blogs? haha, it’s okay. i took it off private, i don’t see anything wrong. it would be cool if strangers would come and read my blogs and see what im about. i live in the ghetto part of san diego and so i know how to deal with “bad guys”. lawl :slight_smile: and im not scared of police, school, etc. i don’t lie about myself.

hey, what are the catholic groups? i searched for some and couldn’t see any

I’m on myspace. It’s a private account. I’ve known too many girls that were sent graphic pictures, so I won’t be taking it off private anytime soon.
I wouldn’t mind adding you as a buddy though, seeing as your catholic.

Myspace is a mixed blessing, just like the entire internet. (I learned MOST of what I know about my faith from the internet!)

Myspace can definitely be an occassion of sin, and password stealing/phishing is a major problem there these days. But, with privacy filters and a little common sense, you can avoid most problems.

Although I’ve defiitely seen some bad things, I’ve also met some really nice Catholic folks on Myspace and joined a few good, Catholic groups.

Anyone is who is leery about Myspace might want to check out Although it might sound a little snobby, but Facebook, in the internet world, is as more “high class” than Myspace. The reason is that it used to be only open to university students who could provide a college email address. Now that it’s open to everyone, it still seems to attract more of smart, academic, motivated type crowd.

Also, even though Myspace is improving their spam blocking, it seems that Facebook has been doing a better job in that area.

Check out Facebook. My kids had both, but have left Myspace for Facebook. It is much more user friendly and cleaner.

i have a myspace and a facebook account. yes, i’m one of the older ones there.


I have one, check it out, I think you will find it rather Catholic, lol :wink:

I have one

You can add me if you want, just make sure you message me so I don’t mark you as spam!!:smiley:

I have myspace and facebook. I like facebook better, but use myspace to keep in touch with friends and family

Amen! I used to have Myspace, then I dropped it… then a few months later I re-registered, but was immediately repulsed by the outbreak of immoral and suggestive material there.
I have a Facebook account and I like it a ton better than Myspace. It’s a lot cleaner, and there are tons of Catholic resources too!

I’m a college sophomore and I’ve been able to keep in touch with many of my friends from high school through Myspace. :slight_smile: I also have a Facebook account. I’ve found Facebook to be an effective way of maintaining online communication with my college friends. I have more high school friends on Myspace and more college friends on Facebook, so I utilize both sites. I like both sites, but I prefer Myspace because I enjoy working with HTML and layouts. :smiley:

Here are some good Catholic groups on Myspace:

You can add me if you want, BTW. Just send me a message so I know who you are. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes I have myspace, have had it for years.

Once I got hit on by a satanist with an armpit fetish. :eek: What in the WORLD? It cracked me up…

Just sayin’ watch out - there are some serious weirdos out there!

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