Mysteries of the Rosary bible study


What is your opinion of a bible study which would focus on the biblical stories that provide background for the Mysteries of the Rosary?:idea::bible1:


Sounds good to me


Count me in!~


That sounds really cool! It’d be interesting to see what passages you study for the Assumption and Queenship of the BVM since those two dogmas aren’t explicitly recorded in the Bible.


That would be nice!


I would be interested.


Revelation 12:1-6, 12 would be an important piece of evidence for both, since it indicates both that Mary is bodily in heaven and that she wears a crown.

Another passage that supports both Mysteries is Psalm 45:9 – it prophecies that, standing at the right hand of Jesus in heaven, there shall be a queen dressed in gold.

There are several passages in the Song of Songs that speak of a virgin queen who is transported to heaven by God, so that supports both too.

Another piece of evidence for the Assumption happens in the Scriptures where the Ark of the Covenant is brought into David’s Temple. 1 Kings 8:6 and, especially, Psalm 132 indicate this. Both have messianic significance, and in fact Psalm 132 has some of the strongest messianic features of any of the Psalms, and right in the center of all that messianic language is a statement that the Ark of the Covenant shall “Arise” with the Messiah. (Psalms 132:8) That is strong evidence for Mary’s Assumption, because otherwise that passage remains unfulfilled.

A passage that indicates Mary as queen of heaven is Luke 1:28. An angel “hails” Mary, using the royal greeting, and when she wonders why, he tells her it is because her son will take His father’s throne. This is a declaration of queenship, coming from a resident of heaven. Therefore, Mary is queen of heaven.

I could go on, but suffice it to say that there are plenty of Scriptures to support those two Mysteries and that makes for plenty of material to study.


Awesome post. I vote for you to lead the Bible Study :slight_smile:


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