Mysteries surround the opening of Jesus Christ’s tomb


Mysteries surround the opening of Jesus Christ’s tomb:


There has always been the million dollar question, if you could only visit Rome or the Holy Land, which would you choose, this has been the place that has always tipped the scales, in my mind. Thinking about it just makes me shiver. To be there when the marble cover was removed… can you imagine how that would be?


The Holy Land…because I went there. Was blessed to have mass in Christ’s tomb! Actually, our priest was in the tomb, 30 of us were packed in the small room adjacent.

*]Touched the rock of calvary
*]Knelt before His tomb
*]Touched the place of His birth
*]Mass at the Church of Condemnation (floor made of stones believed to come from courtyard where He was scourged
*]Took a boat ride on the sea of Galilee
*]Lots more…AMAZING


Holy Land for me. No competition. Went there on a pilgrimage and it was amazing, emotional and one of the most spiritually edifying experience of my life. :bowdown:

I was on a spiritual high the entire trip.

Stayed at the magnificent Pontifical Institute Notre Dame of Jerusalem Centre and visited the holy sites in the Bible. I still remember the experience and think WOW! WOW! WOW!

When friends ask where they should go for a pilgrimage I always shout ISRAEL.


Thank you for that article. Fascinating and mysterious.


Concur on the previous posters.

Had the great fortune to make the Holy Land Pilgrimage in the summer of 2009. There is just nothing comparable to walking your feet where our LORD used His!

I am aware that the place frightens some, due to the current political issues (which are visible when e.g. crossing from Bethlehem, in the Palestinian West Bank, to Jerusalem through the checkpoint); however, since Mark Twain wrote the place up in 1850, tens of thousands of Westerners have visited the region without being messed with.

The “ascent to Zion” should be made by everybody who can economically and physically do it.



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