Mystery monk sings beautiful version of Panis Angelicus. Please help me find out who it is?

I’ve just been watching various performances of Panis Angelicus on Youtube. I found a couple of lovely performances by Andrea Bocelli, Charlotte Church and Chloe Agnew then I came across this brief video by a monk. His voice is an absolute delight (superb!) and he displays such joy and light in his face when he sings. Simply beautiful. I am trying to find out who he is. I tried contacting the profile on youtube to no avail…

Here is the video -

(It appears to be set in Assisi - I’ve not been there myself, but I googled some images and they seemed to match…)


From his habit he looks a Franciscan Friar - an OFM to be precise. Looks like a real habit too rather than a prop.

Also try Beniamino Gigli’s 1936 recording on youtube.

An OFM…I just had a quick Google, I think you are right! Thank you…how wonderful! :slight_smile:

I’m listening now…I love the crackling sounds; very authentic feeling. Wonderfully powerful voice too. Thank you meltzerboy…

Here’s the recording for anyone else interested -

It’s Defiantly Assisi, and it’s shot is several locations around Assisi, but the monastery he greets the other monk at is the “Santuario di San Damiano” and it looks as if he is greeting the other monk as if he(the singer) is from the monastery. It’s a very lovely place and it’s where St. Francis found the Crucifix which started him on his journey and it is where St. Clare died.

Thank you. I found the website for Santuario di San Damiano - ( there doesn’t seem to be anything about the singer but I will send them an email. It does look very lovely indeed - hopefully one day I will visit!

Ah, I am so glad you posted this. He is indeed very special. He has been blessed with a wonderful voice. Please update us if you find out more. I would love to further observe his joy for the Lord. :slight_smile:

I shall do :slight_smile:

Glad you shared in my joy in discovering him!

Not simply an OFM, but a Capuchin. That was the order that Padre Pio and Father Solanus Casey were from. As a Franciscan, I’d recognize that habit, the brown color with the long capuche (hood) in the back. The regular OFM’s have a shorter hood with a cowl. And the young friar may not be associated with a community at San Damiano, but visiting (perhaps for the purpose of making the video, I believe the community associated with the shrine are regular OFM’s. There are three branches of the original friars minor, OFM, OFM Cap and OFM Conv (for Conventual). St Maximillian Kolbe was an OFM Conventual Friar. Father Mychal Judge, victim 001 of 9/11 was an OFM. The habits are different for the three branches. Too bad the person who uploaded the video did not provide more details. I clicked on the username for more details, hoping that the person left contact information, but none was available. All that is known, is the the person is 31, from the United Kingdom, and uploaded the video a few days ago. Perhaps there will be more of the singing friar in the future. And perhaps more info will be provided as well.

Wow, thank you, that’s very interesting. I love to acquire new knowledge…just visited for more insight. Lovely vocation. How long have you been a Franciscan ClayPots47? I’m intrigued as to your day-to-day living…

Thanks! WOW!!!:thumbsup:


:smiley: Glad you enjoyed it. I can’t stop singing it as a consequence…in the shops, on the street…

Here are the words if anyone is interested -

Latin Text

Panis Angelicus fit panis hominum
Dat panis coelicus figuris terminum
O res mirabilis! Manducat Dominum
Pauper, pauper, servus et humilis
Pauper, pauper, servus et humilis

English Translation

The angel’s bread becomes the bread of men
The heavenly bread ends all symbols
Oh, miraculous thing! The body of the Lord will nourish
The poor, poor, and humble servant
The poor, poor, and humble servant

I’m sorry he’s an OFM - the Capuchins’ hood is part of the habit.
OFM hoods have a cape under the hood.
Conventuals habits are grey and have a longer cape.

I wore the OFM habit for 6 years.
Capuchin habits
OFM habits
conventual habit

Ah ha, thank you Triumph Guy for those pictures distinguishing the different habits. Very helpful and educational. :slight_smile:

I came across the hip-hop friar in NY for the first time yesterday too - performing as part of the ‘Catholic Underground’ night. Great idea…

Close to 20 years. Day-to-day living is guided by the Rule and the Constitutions, we go from the Gospel to life, and from life to the Gospel. Right now, I am in limbo, I moved and have yet to transfer to a new fraternity, as there is none where I live, plus I am disabled. I actually helped with the founding of a fraternity where I last lived, as that location also had no fraternity. But I simply can’t do that again. The two nearest fraternities are at least a 40 min drive from here, plus I have no transportation. The one meets during a weeknight, the other on a Sunday afternoon, and the times are outside the para-transit ADA locations, and would be considered non-ADA trips, which are not available outside regular bus hours. And then there is the hurdle of the limitations of my disability, that gets in the way of attending, typically due to unsupportive furnishings.

a) I have never seen a hood with a point extending to the waist on a habit of an Observant, but I have on Capuchin. I paused the video at a certain point and noticed the long hood. Going by the point “b” I added next, he could be an Observant in a community that adopted the longer hood. But the hoods on the Observants typically aren’t longer than mid-back/shoulder-blade length b) There really is no “Official habit” for the three branches. Actually there are a number of variations. I have seen Observants in either black or brown, Conventuals in either dark grey or black. At least the Capuchins pretty much stick to brown. Poor Clares are the same way. Some wear brown with black veils, others wear beige and brown veils. Brother JR on this forum has frequently mentioned the lack of formal habit styles among Franciscans, because neither Francis nor Clare ever intended a specific habit to be worn, instead, they wore what the poor wore. There is a community of friars known as the “Blue Jean” friars, and yes, their tunics are made of denim. c) I guess we will just have to agree to disagree on this. :hmmm:

The hood extending to the waist was the Recollects who rejoined the Observants some time ago.

Canada received the Recollect Friars (and the Northern USA) when it was mission land.

St. Bonaventure University in New York State has a statue of St. Francis in a recollect habit.

What a beautiful, classically trained voice! It’s so clear, pure and true in sound and quality. I was not expecting that to come out of his mouth. You’re right. It’s definitely a superb voice especially compared to those other voices you mentioned. I wish I knew who he was as well.

Thank you for sharing!!!
These are OFMs - their cape is long and narrow at the back.

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