Mystic a real priest or not


[LEFT]I dont know if this is the correct place but I heard on the radio yesterday a man that was referred to as “Father Wingate” who was making certain predictions on the radio. They even talked about his website. I saw some things not in line with Catholic Teaching, i.e Purgatory and the rapture.
My question is this. He stated that he was married with 8 children and had a semi-private visit with Pope JPII and that the Pope gave approval for him to become a priest and to wait for heaven to send a bishop to ordain him. Does anybody know if there is any validity to this encounter and to JPII reply? It also mentioned a Bishop Jaque Jones who did the ordination but I was unable to come up with anything on this bishop. Has anybody heard about this Bishop? I realize this Fr. Wingate is not a priest in the CC, but from the North American Old Roman Catholic. Are priest from this NAORC validly ordained?


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