Mystical Rose of Argyle

Crux recently published a disclaimer report regarding Marian apparitions in Argyle/Denton , Texas. The Catholic Church has not made any declarations regarding these apparitions except to say that have not made any determinations about the matter.
Google Mystical Rose of Argyle to find out specifics about these apparitions.
I find them very intriguing. There is no mention anywhere of who the seer is,
and they have been going on since 2017. I have been sceptical of Medjugorge, but believe fully in Fatima and Lourdes. This series of apparitions make some bold claims and hold my attention.
Has anyone here heard about this?

I hadn’t heard about it before. I googled in response to your post.

The Bishop of Fort Worth does not sound very positive about these apparitions in his official statement. I would hardly call a negative statement like this one he made a case of the Catholic Church not making any declarations regarding these apparitions. The Bishop basically said he doesn’t encourage anybody to support these apparitions. That’s pretty much telling people “avoid”.

In addition, it’s highly suspect that the visionary or whoever is behind this

  • started a website to promulgate it without getting at least an “approval for faith expression” from the local bishop;

  • isn’t naming the visionary so we have absolutely no idea of their credibility;

  • claims to be receiving messages not only from Our Lady but also from angels, saints and Our Lord;

  • is further claiming to be receiving apocalyptic messages about future disasters and the like.

I have no idea why any Catholic with common sense would go chasing after this when we have plenty of more credible apparitions that have actually received some level of approval.


I think this statement is very clear:
“Bishop Olson does not encourage anyone to offer credence or support for these claimed apparitions.”


There’s nothing “less than clear” about it. You are going against the local bishop. Period.

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