Mystical rose

In the Litany of the Blessed Virgin Mary, one statement is:
Mystical rose.

 Please explain Mystical rose.

Those are not “statements”. They are Titles of Our Lady.
Various cultures have lovely and honorific titles fro Our Lady. This is one the many.
My favorite is Star of the Sea.

Oh, I love the Star of the Sea title as well! It reminds me, too, of the Vespers hymn/Gregorian Chant song, Ave Maris Stella (Hail, Star of the Sea) - love that song! :slight_smile:

This link might help the op.

My favourite is Our Lady of the Rosary. No prizes for guessing the reasonss.

From the Meditations of Blessed Cardinal John Henry Newman:

Mary is the "Rosa Mystica," the Mystical Rose

MARY is the most beautiful flower that ever was seen in the spiritual world. It is by the power of God’s grace that from this barren and desolate earth there have ever sprung up at all flowers of holiness and glory. And Mary is the Queen of them. She is the Queen of spiritual flowers; and therefore she is called the Rose, for the rose is fitly called of all flowers the most beautiful.
But moreover, she is the Mystical, or hidden Rose; for mystical means hidden.
How is she now “hidden” from us more than are other saints?
What means this singular appellation, which we apply to her specially? The answer to this question introduces us to a third reason for believing in the reunion of her sacred body to her soul, and its assumption into heaven soon after her death, instead of its lingering in the grave until the General Resurrection at the last day.

*It is this: If her body was not taken into heaven, where is it?
**How comes it that it is hidden from us?
**Why do we not hear of her tomb as being here or {67} there?
**Why are not pilgrimages made to it?
**Why are not relics producible of her, as of the saints in general?
*Is it not even a natural instinct which makes us reverent towards the places where our dead are buried? We bury our great men honourably.
**St. Peter speaks of the sepulchre of David as known in his day, though he had died many hundred years before.
**When our Lord’s body was taken down from the Cross, He was placed in an honourable tomb. Such too had been the honour already paid to St. John Baptist, his tomb being spoken of by St. Mark as generally known.
*Christians from the earliest times went from other countries to Jerusalem to see the holy places. And, when the time of persecution was over, they paid still more attention to the bodies of the Saints, as of St. Stephen, St. Mark, St. Barnabas, St. Peter, St. Paul, and other Apostles and Martyrs.
*These were transported to great cities, and portions of them sent to this place or that. Thus, from the first to this day it has been a great feature and characteristic of the Church to be most tender and reverent towards the bodies of the Saints.
**Now, if there was anyone who more than all would be preciously taken care of, it would be our Lady.
Why then do we hear nothing of the Blessed Virgin’s body and its separate relics?
*Why is she thus the hidden Rose?

  • Is it conceivable that they who had been so reverent and careful of the bodies of the Saints and Martyrs should neglect her… the Queen of Martyrs and the Queen of Saints, who was the very Mother of our Lord? It is impossible.*
    Why then is she thus the hidden Rose?
    Plainly, because that sacred body is in heaven, not on earth.

Detoutcoeur, Thank you for the wonderful explanation, Mary is the “Rosa Mystica,” the Mystical Rose.

Maria Rosa Mystica-Montecharri/Fontanelle:


The rose is the queen of all the flowers, and there is something in the Heavenly arrangement of Its petals and Its coloring, there Is something In Its scent and symmetry, In the modesty of its green leaves, which makes it very special. It is the flower which captures the heart at nearly every stage of its growth, even when a bud. While It grows, Its petals gradually unfold as a token, as It were, of the blossoming of the lover’s love for his loved one.

Mary, the most beautiful of God’s creation, is indeed “the Incarnate Rose,” especially chosen for God’s garden. She is the “rose of Sharon and the lily of the valleys” [Song 2:1].

Roses were also referenced at Marian Apparitions at lourdes and guadalupe.

Well I learned something new today.


You’re welcome.

You’re welcome!

A rose is beautiful and is a symbol of love but it’s stem is painful. She is the one whom Jesus chose with a beauty and love to hold him and bring him into this world. But at the same time would suffer 7 painful sorrows from the misstreatment of her son. And her rose is mystical because this love and pain was so well hidden from the world and it’s value is known only in the spiritual realm.

[QUOzTE=Yago;12413375]You’re welcome.

.Thanks Fred! Just yesterday I happened on 2 Mystical Rose prayer cards when I was at Our Lady of the Snows, and bought both. I’d never heard of the Mystical Rose until I first read this thread.

This *apparition *is unapproved, although the *title *is approved. In fact, the local ordinaries have asked that this devotion not be promulgated.

HIghlights from Wiki:

Declaration of Monsignor Bruno Foresti on October 15, 1984: “The Bishop of Brescia supported by the authoritative opinion of the Sacred Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, communicates that** (a) the afore-mentioned apparitions of Our Lady the Mystical Rose in Montichiari do not present motives of credibility; (b) the cult relative to Our Lady the Mystical Rose, therefore, is not approved and can not be practiced nor favored; © whosoever favors it, by spreading publications or by organizing pilgrimages, does not help, but disturbs the faith of believers by inducing them to behave contrary to the disposition of the Church.”**

Declaration of Monsignor Bruno Foresti on February 19, 1997: “The Bishop of Brescia holding accountable some various sollicitations that come continuously requested in merit, both from Italy and from external nations, reconfirms that which was disposed by him and by his predecessors.”

In the attachment to Decree number 229/08 by Monsignor Luciano Munari on March 19, 2008 at point 2 is read: "In a particular way there is explicitly asked of individuals and of groups, that until now are more or less directly dedicated to promote the Marian cult in the Fontanelle locality, to respect all the indications of the Directory, and** not to spread the messages or publications, neither to promote the acts of the cult, **nor to send compositions that might even only indirectly induce the faithful to restrain both the judgment and the Church on the afore-mentioned apparitions or other extraordinary phenomena, even as may be modified in a positive sense.

Fr. Serpa also answered the following question, “Do we owe obedience to the local bishop regarding apparitions in his diocese?” here:

   I like the statement: Mary is indeed "the Incarnate Rose."    
 It was informative to learn that the Blessed Virgin wished the 13th of each month to be celebrated as the day of Mary. 
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