Mysticism by John Davidson

Hello everyone brothers and sisters,

I have problem let me show you sth.

Has anyone read this book, I must admit that thanks to this book I have lost my faith in christianity but not in God can anyone comment this? I ask for answers only people who has read this.
Some good criticism is welcome.

Is that true that first christians believed in reincarnation

Thanks a lot.

I have not read it.

Why would you lose your faith in Christ over mysticism? Many of the most profound mystics were Christians!

Christ is Father of mysticism!

too bad that nobody can help me, anyway I will be looking there every day, maybe some apologist or historic have read and can comment it…thx
BTW it’s connected with:

Radha Soami (as they claim “christos” guru)

We haven’t read the book, but we might be able to help if you can share why the book has caused you to lose your faith in Christ…

No, the first Christians did NOT believe in Reincarnation.

There is a group that follows the so-called “revelations” of Edgar Cayce, where his followers believe that in the Bible where it says that John the Baptist came in the spirit and power of Elijah…they interpret that as John the Baptist was actually the reincarnation of Elijah. Big mistake!
Then they run into further error.

That is only one group of many that have been deceived and we should pray for them. There are many such groups that come up with similar deceptions and take others with them.

Thank the Lord for the Holy Spirit inspired Magisterium of the Church. When we obey we are protected from falling into such dangerous errors.

May our Lord Jesus Christ and His Holy Blessed Mother be with you!

When one loses their Faith over something so easily, it hopefully works as a reminder to the beholder that the faith was weak to begin with. With self reflection, we can ask ourselves, “Why does this sway me so easily?” “What about this sounds convincing to me?” and then, most importantly, “What does my own Faith say about this?” It is a time for learning, reflection and ultimately growth.

You say that no one can help you, but I don’t see what you are wanting help with. Whatever questions you have regarding our Catholic faith can openly and easily be answered by both the members and apologists of this forum if you make the question clear. :slight_smile: What are you looking for help with?

Such “gurus” are a dime a dozen. Again, we need to pray for them, and with the help of the Lord evangelize them. They do not have Divine Revelation which is given from God Himself. They have an esoteric outlook, sounds fancy, but it is not Divine Revelation.

Jesus is not just a man with teachings.

He is 100% Divine, and 100% man…THE Incarnation of the Second Person of the Blessed Trinity.

HE, Jesus, is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. Pray to Jesus and Blessed Mother for the Holy Spirit to clear any and all wrong thinking you have picked up.

May the Lord strengthen His truth in you.

Johnny, this is a book that assumes the writings in the bible are not inerrant, and uses other documents of antiquity to supplement them. When you take something rotten and mix it with something good all you get is a rotten milkshake. From a purely academic standpoint I can see why this author would desire to get an overall picture of what he calls Christianity based on every writing he can find, but he starts with the false premise that God is unable to preserve His word and that the bible must be considered only in comparison to gnostic writings and more.

Many of the writings sourced in this book are not Christian writings and, therefore, have no business affecting how we perceive Christianity.

Let not your heart be troubled.

Great post…thank you!

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