MYTH BUSTING: attending other churches

Is it a mortal sin for a Catholic Christian to attend churches of a different faith? Case in point: my mother-in-law is Baptist and when we visit there we attend the local Catholic Church on Saturday evening but we attend her baptist church as a family on Sunday. Is this wrong?

No, it is not a sin.

It’s perfectly fine, admirable even, that you wish to attend with your in-laws. You can go to the local Catholic Church on Saturday or after the Baptist services and receive the graces of attending Mass. As a Catholic you can’t receive Baptist bread and wine, and you may be exposed to some anti-Catholicism, depending on the type of Baptist.

I imagine the only problem would be if you bring children to the non-Catholic service, since they might be confused and misled by any contradictions to our theology, whether overt (the minister saying “you’re saved by faith alone”) or subtle.

Thank you very much-all of you. I didn’t really think it was but just wanted confirmation. We are converts from the Baptist faith so my children will know what to expect of course. It’s tragic really what non-catholics and poorly schooled Catholics will come up with!

It does border on sin to regularly attend Protestant services, because it may suggest indifference to the the Holy Catholic Church and the Most Holy Eucharist.

However, occasionally visiting, especially on special occasions such as family get togethers, is encouraged to help foster Christian unity.

To add to what was said here, there should be a reason you are attending a non-Catholic service. (Which the OP has). People should be going simply to go or because they like the preacher.

NOTE to the OP, if you are not already, try to get your in-laws to attend Mass with you on Saturday too.

God Bless

No it is not wrong. I would describe it as good manners. It would be nice if your Mother-in Law went to Church with you on Saturday night,

There is no need to push the issue of attending mass with your family. A simple invitation is sufficient, with an offer to address any concerns if they are raised.

Thank you and I will certainly do so. She has said we should feel free to attend the local Catholic Church but if she agreed to attend with us it would be nothing short of a miracle!: :slight_smile:
Nevertheless my husband and I will invite her and my father-in-law. I must say, I do enjoy the baptist church there and the people are very friendly and welcoming. Above all, I enjoy going as a family.

Interesting that there is no reciprocity here. It’s okay that you attend the local Baptist church with her but it would be a miracle for her to attend the Catholic Church with you!

Maybe that will soon change. We would love to have her come with us. She, like so many, are in need of “myth-busting”. If she disagrees, I want it to at least be for the right reasons.

Please it’s bread and grape juice. No Baptist would dream of drinking wine, especially in church.

Funny! No, she has tried it (wine that is). There church group went to a vineyard. Go figure!:confused

Baptists believe it to be mere bread and juice, believe it to be what Christ intended, and believe it to be exactly what occurs in your church and mine. Receiving such communion is to deny our own.

I see now that your intent was to correct the assumption that Baptists consume juice rather than wine, rather than encourage reception, and withdraw my comment.

We drink wine. Or orange juice. Often communion is at house group rather than church, since then it’s amongst a small group of friends. One of us reads from Luke then serves the bread to the others and we pray together. We don’t have priests of course.

Once on business in Cologne, Germany, I walked past the Cathedral as they were holding an outdoor Mass. I wanted communion while away from home. I stood in the queue but didn’t know the right procedure. I think the priest realized I wasn’t German or Catholic but he gave me the wafer anyway, he could see I was sincere. Maybe he was a very naughty priest and I was a very naughty Baptist. :blush: (Hope no one gets offended reading that, but you can tell your in-laws that a Baptist promises no one will bite them if they come to your church.)

Orange Juice?? :eek:

Tis only a symbol to us. If someone is allergic to grapes then why not?

Orange juice is not what Jesus used at the Last Supper. It is also invalid matter. Just came as a :bigyikes: shock to me.

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