Anyone attending Nache this year in Va?? =D



My wife and daughter are going down with some other mothers from Steubenville.



Wouldn’t miss it!!! --KCT


Okay, I wanted to be in on the ‘secret’ so I did a little research and came up with your mission statement:

*NACHE Mission Statement:
The National Association of Catholic Homes and Educators (NACHE) is a nonprofit organization of homeschooling parents formed with the guidance of Fr. John Hardon, S.J. Our primary goals are:

To provide spiritual, doctrinal, and practical information to homeschooling Catholics, those considering homeschooling, and for Catholics forming their children in the Faith.

To assist with regional Catholic homeschooling conventions.

And to publish a journal, The Catholic Home, formally published as The Catholic Home Educator (CHE) magazine.*

We don’t homeschool. We are very fortunate that our daughter attends one of the finest Catholic Grade Schools in Philadelphia, but I do respect “home-schoolers”.

Keep up the great work. :thumbsup:


hehe I just wanted to also invite non-homeschoolers.
You can check out the topics via the nache website and many are relevant even if you arent homeschooling =)
I think we’re all ‘homeschooling’ in some capacity. I’m sure many people here on this forum understand how we as parents need to be involved in passing on the faith – so if you’re teaching religion you are indded homeschooling in my book!


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