N.C. pastor asks that 'only white people' greet congregation at church doors


A Black pastor, apparently, trying to attract a more diverse congregation, asks for White folk to man the parish doors and greet the public.

An interesting twist on things.:shrug:

I hope this idea works for them. I don’t think it’s racist either. I attended a black church and white visitors were always treated like royalty. :smiley: Our pastor was eager for them to stay and he did express that to the congregants.

I’ve heard they have joyous worship!

How can you know that your church is false?

When the pastor asks that “only white people” do greetings?

Trying to force diversity is the worst, and anyone who picks a church based on the skin colour of the greeter probably isn’t worth attracting.

Everybody is worth attracting.


Speaking only for myself–and I wouldn’t ever be involved if this is a protestant group, as I’m catholic—I would refuse to be his “token whitey”. It’s a perfect example of the reverse racism that’s all too prevalent in our society today!

Ok, let me phrase that another way…

It isn’t worth attracting people if you have to give in to their base prejudices in order to do it.

Diversity for the sake of diversity is stupid. It’s a great thing when it happens naturally, but stupid otherwise.


It seems like just a foolish mistake and we all make them. It’s a darn shame that thoughts about race permeates so much of our society but it does. If you read the news regularly, you can’t miss such examples.

And racism is much more prevalent now.

Oh yeah? When I was a kid in the 60s you never saw Black characters on TV, never saw a Black announcer. It was a big deal that Jackie Robinson had just broken the race barrier in baseball. In the South Blacks were excluded from hotels, restaurants and had separate drinking fountains.


If you read the article, the pastor had good intentions to bring more racial diversity into his church. He was probably trying to make White folk less intimidated and more welcome. It backfired and he apologized, but it sounds like his intentions were good.

??? How so?

I’m by no means saying it doesn’t exist, but how is it more prevalent today?

You all might knock racial diversity. Yes, it’s over rated by the liberals who want diversity only in racial characteristics, not in politics or points of view. But, the New Testament is full of references to the various ethnic groups in the region who were becoming Christians, and how the Church was trying to bring them together, Jews, Romans, Greeks, etc. That was a big thrust of the early Church. Previously, Judaism was only for the Jews. Jesus came for all men and women.

Yes. That is why in the one, holy, catholic and apostolic church we go ahead and put any old body at the door…I think they call them “shushers”.

Thanks for pointing that out. There’s nothing wrong with trying to integrate the church and it’s not like this pastor committed a crime. :shrug:

Undoubtedly racism does still exist today. But so does reverse racism–as it also co-existed with racism in the past. I have known white racists and black racists and neither one is correct or Christian. Race should be strictly a non-value—whether it involves whites relating to blacks, or other minorities or whether it involves blacks (for instance) relating to whites!

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