N.H. Senate Approves 25-foot Abortion Buffer Zone

The Senate voted 13-10 Thursday to accept changes the House made to its bill and send the bill to Gov. Maggie Hassan, who has not said whether she would sign the bill.


The democratic governor is expected to sign new buffer zone law.

I think that regardless of one’s view of abortion, a 25 foot buffer is a good idea. Like it or not, women are getting abortions. Those women have a right to avoid harrassment and physical intimidation.

Free speech for me but not for thee. that is the battle cry of the modern Left.

Will there be a 25 foot buffer zone around all places protested or just those places deemed protestable by the State Legislature?

So you would have forbidden African Americans from sitting in protest at segregated lunch counters?

But abortion protesters have every right to attempt to peaceably covey their position while on public property.

I seem to remember seeing big buffer zones keeping the pro-abortion crowd away from the marchers at the march for life last time I was there. It’s kind of a common sense thing to me. Speech is one thing, but your right to free speech doesn’t supercede a woman’s right to avoid harrassment and bodily harm. If you can’t project your voice beyond 25 feet, I’d recommend some bed rest, tylenol and a warm salt-water gargle.

I’ve seen peaceful conveyance and I’ve seen violent “evangelization.” Generally Catholic groups tend to respect the patrons, and usually pray quietly. A buffer zone won’t prevent you from doing that. There are however some groups (generally evangelical Christian groups) who make it a point to get in the woman’s face, and even attempt to physically block her from entering the clinics. That’s what these buffer zones are meant to prevent.

Sort of like “free speech zones” on college campuses. :rolleyes:
A “free speech zone” means the rest of the campus is a “speech suppression zone”.
Same here.


Good point EstesBob!

The African Americans were the peaceful ones. They were also the ones subjected to physical harm. In this case the women are the ones who are likely to be subjected to physical harm because someone else is choosing to protest.

Why do you need to get within 25 feet of them? The only thing you can’t do from 25 feet away is physically harm them, or attempt to physically obstruct them from entering what is sadly a lawful business to engage in what is sadly a lawful practice.

I think that regardless of one’s view of abortion, a 25 foot buffer is a good idea. Like it or not, healthy, helpless, innocent babies don’t deserve to be capitally punished in ghastly and violent abortions. Those little children created in God’s image, at a vulnerable stage we once all shared, have a right to avoid harrassment and physical obliteration.

:shrug: so I agree with the above post on some details. Despite the shameless plagiarism - this is my take.

Now as for the mothers, I believe my opposing abortion protects them too.

Would that there were a 25 foot buffer area keeping the babies safe from homicidal quacks posing as health care professionals. Let them get a real job. Almost anything would be better.

If it’s public property then a buffer zone is unconstitutional. It violates the First Amendment.

Have you ever actually PRAYED at an abortion facility? I don’t see any violent protestors…I see people offering TRUE help and prayers and hope and courage for the vulnerable young women who think abortion is THEIR ONLY choice…some are pressured by the father of the baby…some have been lied to by the so called “health professional” into thinking their baby is not a baby yet. At the facility in the city where I live, I don’t see anyone who is violent like you are assuming they are.

The ones who are nasty are actually those who are FOR abortion - there are reports of peaceful prayer warriors being assaulted, almost run down by cars, spat on, sprayed on, etc…by those either working for the “clinic” or those who are “escorting”. So, please don’t assume the “violent” ones are the ones OPPOSING child murder.

This is really sad. This is just another way to let the abortion industry more easily succeed in its evil mission of murdering unborn babies. All this is going to do is make it more difficult for sidewalk counselors and protesters who are trying to dissuade women from getting an abortion.

That said, I have to wonder how many of these senators received campaign money from Planned Parenthood and other pro-abortion organizations.

Why don’t you make up more bogus justification for other laws, while you are at it?

You are basically arguing, “I think the law is good because I do”, and “I think you don’t deserve equal treatment because I said so.” That is all fine, but in terms of an argument, is pure nonsense.

Just admit you have a one-sided, pro-abortion view of life and move on. Trying to defend a buffer zone in selective cases where you pretend women are threatened (without a shred of proof to support your made up excuse) is sad to watch. No one believes what you are typing, so why bother? Just be honest with yourself.

As someone who used PP for years-but never had an abortion, this is a good thing.

I don’t need to be badgered, called all sorts of names, pleaded with, and cussed at for picking up birth control. It got to the point where I just started calling the police and asking for an escort. The cops would temporarily remove the protesters so I could go in, and then security would escort me out at the end.

I’m terrified of PP protesters. Anything that keeps me out of arm’s reach of them is a good thing. No one should have to feel threatened or unsafe walking into an appointment.

Note: I only had someone put their hands on me once. She tugged on my arm to get me to go to her ultrasound van. I told her if she touched me again I’d call the police and she backed off.

There are a lot of trolls on this site unfortunately. It says you are an atheist so I guess this just reinforces your view.

Protesters are peaceful and if they are not there are already laws in effect to take care of them.

The point here is to prevent harm to these women. Wouldn’t you agree that it’s better to prevent a woman from being injured than to punish the person who assaults her?

Sidewalk counselors? :rolleyes:

Fanatical protesters who are yelling at PP customers and physical intimidating them are clearly NOT sidewalk counselors. They’re bullies.

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