N.R.A. Show Puts Thomas the Tank Engine in White Hood to Criticize Diversity Move



Did they really? That’s terrible. My daughter loves Thomas the Tank Engine.


Not sure what the problem is. The Left never has a problem putting Republicans in Klan hoods at every opportunity, when they’re not drawing thick lipped, low browed caricatures of black Republicans, of course…


Ya know, I’m not touching this one with a ten-foot pole. :roll_eyes:


Why would a very benign children’s show bother anyone to the point of doing this?

My oldest loved Thomas. We had the wooden trains.


Wait until Sir Topham Hatt hears about this!


Wow. I just got a look at what she’s done. I’m not going to link to it. Anyone who wants to see it can find it for themselves. But, just, wow.

What a sick mind. I mean, we knew where she was coming from, after some of her nastier videos, but she’s gone completely over the top.

It’s up to the NRA to do the right thing now, and disassociate from this sick, twisted, hate-filled woman.


Hmm. I wonder if it’s copyright infringement?


I don’t get why Thomas traveling outside if the Isle of Sodor would be at all controversial.



I’m wondering if one, even one, of CAF’s resident gun-rights advocates will come into this thread and say, yeah, maybe Dana went a bit too far.

Anyone giving odds?


I’m wondering the thought process.

“Hmm people think negatively of the NRA, I wonder how we can combat that? Let’s attack a beloved children’s show. That will show our detractors!”


There sure doesn’t seem to be a big rush.


Isn’t the kind of problematic considering the lack of diversity on the show? I don’ think there’s a single LGBQT train on the show.


The diversity in the show that bothered this lady so much is that Thomas will be taking trips around various parts of the world, and will meet a train from Nigeria who is voiced by a Nigerian actress.

So, expert in PR that she must be, she decided that this is somehow wrong. Thomas must continue to stay in Sodor!! How dare he leave Sodor. So, expert in PR that she is, decided that instead of portraying the NRA as an organization for rifle owners, the NRA is actually an organization of snowflakes who protest trains making friends with other trains from foreign countries. And by protest I mean mock and demean.

Adding, somehow I replied to April instead of to the thread in general.


This is really an odd response by the NRA, to something that Thomas and friends has done before.This isnt the first time the show has introduced International characters, a couple years ago the show did exactly the same thing
That was back in 2016.
I remember when my son watched the show there was a Japanese engine. It is not a new concept for the show to add international characters. I wonder what the problem is now for them to do it again


The NRA isn’t doing itself any favors. I wonder if members and contributors will say anything 8n disagreement to them about it.


I have never seen the cartoon and wasn’t aware of it until now. I can’t see how it’s important one way or another to get more “train diversity”. I guess these train characters were thought to be white??? They don’t look very white to me, but if people think so, they think so.

I’m not clear on what Dana Loesch did. Did she parody the move by Mattel by showing characters in hoods? If that’s the case, that was excessive in my mind, though I doubt any little kids watch her show.

I will admit to being troubled by the following:

“Mattel announced Friday that “Thomas & Friends,” a Nick Jr. show, would add characters to its newest season from around the world and partner with the UN to promote its Sustainable Development Goals.”

It’s one thing to say there should be an identifiable African or Chinese cartoon train, though I truly don’t see the importance of it. It’s quite another to propagandize little kids about UN climate goals, particularly since most seem to involve taking money from the U.S. and handing it to dictators.


Probably you only need to wait.


It will be interesting to see how they handle a diesel freight train deciding to transition to a London double decker bus…



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