N.Y. church's move to Georgia: 'Preservation by relocation'?

N.Y. church’s move to Georgia: ‘Preservation by relocation’?

By Rick Hampson, USA TODAY
BUFFALO — St. Gerard’s was where her grandparents and parents were married, where she was baptized and wore the white dress, shoes and veil of First Communion. Years later, she can still hear the three great bells, still see the ceiling fresco of Mary crowned Queen of Heaven.

Sharon Wilbur took those memories of St. Gerard’s Roman Catholic Church with her when she moved decades ago to suburban Atlanta, where such a church exists only in pictures. Now, two years after it closed, her old church could be following her south.

Instead of building a neoclassical church, Wilbur’s growing parish wants to buy classical-style St. Gerard’s, take it apart and ship it 900 miles from Buffalo’s depopulated east side to Norcross, Ga., for reassembly at Mary Our Queen parish. The parish has the endorsement of the Catholic archdiocese of Atlanta, the diocese of Buffalo and St. Gerard’s former parishioners. All it needs is an additional $10 million…:eek:


I can sort of understand… it seems that today, nobody is remotely capable of building a beautiful church any more. But that’s a lot of money!!

I’ve heard of programs in Philadelphia where old churches have some features removed and held for the construction of later churches, to help preserve the beauty and not destroy such lovely things. Mostly stained glass windows, statues, altar rails, etc. The story sounds like an extreme example :eek:

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