N.Y. Elementary School 'Fight Club' Uncovered by Student's Father

The “fight club” scrap at a Queens elementary school was uncovered only after the father of one of the combatants heard his son whining that he didn’t have enough fans in his corner.

Tomas Rivera said that he overheard his son complaining to his sparring partner — as the pint-sized pugilists played video games Thursday evening — that he wasn’t getting enough applause during their bout at PS 65 in Ozone Park.

"I heard him go, ‘Oh, they were cheering you more than they were cheering me,’ " the father told The Post.

Rivera then quizzed his son, also named Tomas, and the 10-year-old spilled the beans about the clash, which was allegedly set up by Joseph Gullotta, the kids’ fourth-grade teacher.

Rivera said his son initially had a beef with another student when Gullotta told the boy, “Don’t fight with him because I like you guys too much.”

Instead, the teacher allegedly told his son to take out his aggression on longtime pal Justin Stokel, 9.

"Mr. Gullotta told him, ‘You are my favorite star student, why don’t you start a fight with him instead?’ "

It goes on to say

Gullotta, a teacher since 2004, and Abraham Fox, 43, a 20-year para-professional who allegedly helped supervise last week’s scuffle, were charged with acting in a manner injurious to a child under 17. They each face up to a year in prison if convicted.

Parents received letters yesterday from the school saying that both men have been **reassigned **pending an investigation.

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They have been reassigned! :eek: WHAT!? They should be banned from teaching not reassigned.:mad:

…another reason to avoid sending our children to public schools…

I’m less concerned with kids learning how to fight and more with how this teacher would casually pit friend against friend. -.-;;

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