Nab 1970


I just received a NAB that doesn’t have the revised NT. I am looking forward to seeing the difference. Any tips?


My Favorite!!
To me there is not a more comfortable, enjoyable, clearer reading bible than my “Old” NAB.
I recently replaced my beat up 25 year old one with a “New, in the Box” 25 year old one I found on E-Bay, It’s like my old one “resurrected”.
Just have a Douay and or the RSVCE to compare passages when doing a serious study. I also like use my “revised” NAB to compare the changes…Enjoy!!


I stared reading it and already like it much better than the “new” NAB. Reads much better.


Where did you buy it?


E-BAY. I got it for 99 cents! I saw there is one on there now with a kevlar cover.


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