New American Bible vs. Revised Standard Version Catholic Edition – I am a 37 year old mother who loves bible study. I currently have an NIV bible that was a gift from a friend, but I want to get a good, pure Catholic bible for my studies. I need an expert’s opinion on which to get (even if you can recommend an edition or two – I prefer hardcover). Many thanks!

check out the sticky on top of the scripture forum, which has a link to answer your question.

I would check this post from Jimmy Akin’s blog:

The NAB is a good translation, as is the RSVCE. However, the footnotes in the NAB are horrendous, many of them are downright heretical. If you get an NAB, just be cautious of the footnotes.

The Ignatius Bible is RSV-CE, and is available in hardcover right from Catholic Answers shop. (Scroll up). As well as elsewhere, but since we **are **at :slight_smile: CAF…
I have the leather covered edition of this Bible, & I just love it. The nicest contemporary-style English translation around.

Other than that, I lean to the older English of the Douay, & so will quietly:) bow out at this point…

Throughout the NAB are hints of Americanism, a sort of heresy that stems from the USCCB and American clerics in general ignoring the Holy Father.

The RSVCE was concieved by scholars of all stripes for Catholics everywhere, and does not contradict anything Rome has said in recent years, or for that matter, ever.

If one wanted to be absolutely sure that one was reading a Bible that the Pope approves us, one’s best bet might the Douay-Rheims, a literal translation of St. Jerome’s Vulgate (original to Latin), which is the official Bible of the Church.

Worth reading:

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