NABRE dilemma!


Hello all,

I have been reading from the the NABRE on my iPad and Nook. I have the piror NAB with the 1991 Psalms (ugh! :eek:) and the 1970 OT/1986 NT in print. I was planning on getting an NABRE until I read somewhere that the Bishops are planning to revise the translation again. Should I wait until this is done, take the plunge and buy, or just stick with a digital edition?



The Psalms of the NABRE are a definite improvement, but there are problems with other books (Isaiah, for example) and the footnotes are a downturn from the 1986 edition.

Get it only if you’re a completist. :slight_smile:


From what I’ve seen online, it.doesn’t sound like the new NABRE will be for at least 10 years. I’d say it will be long enough that if you want a dead tree copy, get it. I’d recommend the Little Rock Study Bible myself, but the ones by Harper are also nice. If you’re concerned about spending a lot on it due to its planned revision, just get a cheap paperback copy to tide you over.


The NAB is cheap enough that I wouldn’t worry about it. Even when the “Reviseder” Edition comes out, it will still be a translation of the same quality as the current edition and will not be obsolete.


I agree with the comments above. It is going to be years before the revision will be done, so if you feel inclined to buy it, a paperback or e-version will not set you back too far!


I just wanted to say that I had to look that up in the dictionary :doh2:


Well, when it comes to collecting Catholic Bibles, I am a completist. :smiley:

I do have the NABRE (and have read it from cover-to-cover), and found the NAB only later.


Wouldn’t every Catholic Bible be completeist since they have all 73 books?

Jusy sayin…



Imagine how many much more money the USCCB would make in Bible sales if they would put Catholic notes in the NAB/NABRE? I wish i had the resources to publish an RSV-CE with footnotes and cross-references. I wish we had a Universal Catholic Bible, that has the CCC as it’s footnotes! I wish we could just update the DR not make a new translation out of it.We’ve got a long way to go to have a great CATHOLIC Bible.


The Ignatius Study Bible by Mitch and Hahn not only has great notes but it also includes the CCC in the notes, and it’s the RSV-2CE.

They have some of the books of the OT done but are still working on the entire OT.

Can’t wait :slight_smile:


Notes are not a problem for me. Notes are not the inspired word of God. I read a Bible without notes. Problem solved.



I think that the notes in the ICSB are great, as i own one. however, the rsv-2ce does not carry a nihil obsat or imprimatur, they carry over the one from the original rsv-ce which i think there are too many changes. In fact, i seem to recall that the rsv-2ce was rejected by the vatican, i could be wrong about that. Since Mass texts are based on the Vulgate, and the DR is based on the Vulgate, I would prefer an updated DR. Ultimately i end up using the CCC with the scripture index as my main commentary.


The RSV-2CE is approved by the Vatican for use in the English speaking Mass. It is currently approved for use by the Antilles Episcopal Conference. I believe it is being used in some English speaking dioceses in Africa, and by the Anglican Use Ordinate in the U.S.


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