NABRE Layout


One of the good things about the NABRE is the way it lays out the text. The verses and words that are not in all ancient manuscripts often appear in brackets. it’s easy to recognize a verse may not be original without having to break off from the text to read a study note. Also, it seems that hymns are formatted to stand out in the text. I’ve noticed the formatting from reading the text and the study notes, there doesn’t appear to be an explanation for how things are formatted. Does anyone know where I can find that information?


There seem to be notes about such things in the St Joseph Edition (2010) of the New American Bible. It discusses the use of brackets and parentheses among other things. About this I was particularly reading in the introduction to the New Testament, before I jumped into reading Ephesians.

There are copious notes and cross references in this particular edition of the NAB, the third revision of at least some of the texts. But, I’ve seen that there is a fourth edition which I found to be very readable in contemporary English.

If your shopping, look for the latest revision. But, I noticed that the footnotes and cross-references etc. were the same in the 4th edition as in the 3rd revision edition, with only slight changes (a word changed here or there, in the introduction to a book – based on a small survey of a dozen or so randomly chosen texts). In other words, the 4th partial revision was not a wholesale revision of everything.


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