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I currently have both an Ignatius Bible and a NABRE. I love the Ignatius Bible, and I also enjoy reading the NABRE, as I don't feel the translation is nearly as bad as some make it out to be.

However, I have one issue with my particular version of the NABRE: it is the red paperback version, and the print is very small. The Ignatius print is about 9.0-9.5, so it is fairly readable. The NAB, if I had to guess, might be 6 or so. It may be larger, but the paper is also quite darker than the Ignatius paper, so this may account for increase in difficulty when reading the NAB.

I would like recommendations for the most recent published NABRE, with decently large font (9+), preferably in paperback, and not so huge that it will crush my arm while holding it and reading (this would be easier without all the darn notes published in it, but oh well). It would be awesome if it didn't have goofy pictures on the cover, like flowers and meadows and sunshine and puppies and stuff. Don't get me wrong; I don't hate sunshine and puppies. I would just rather have a plain Bible cover. Thanks!


I use the St. Joseph edition large type.


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I use the St. Joseph edition large type.


The Oxford NABRE (the second one listed above) uses a size 12 font and the notes are at the end of each book, so if you don't want to see them they are out of sight!

The St. Joseph edition large print uses a size 11 font, but the notes at the bottom of the page. The St. Joseph Bible paper does a little better job in preventing bleed through.
If you can look at both of them at a bookstore, you can check the differences for yourself.


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