Nadeem Feroze, the Pakistani Catholic I asked for prayers for, died in 2012

Hey everyone. I don’t know if any of you remember the old prayer request thread that I made back in August of 2011 or not but I posted a prayer request for a close friend of mine whom I never met but chatted with online whose name is Nadeem Feroze. He was a Catholic who lived in Pakistan and he had received death threats and that’s why I asked for prayers. Well, I was researching about him online and trying to get in touch with him when I discovered that a book had been written about him. Apparently, he was killed in a terrorist attack in 2012. He was a Benedictine Oblate and had correspondence with a priest via e-mail and they used these e-mails and I guess other information to write the book about him. The description of the book describes him as a martyr. Whether or not he will be officially declared a martyr someday, I don’t know.

When I discovered this information, I was shocked. I was also saddened because I had hoped to find him alive and talk with him some more. I used to chat with him a lot on Yahoo Messenger before Yahoo Messenger was discontinued.

Here’s a link to the old thread I referred to:

And this is the book about him:

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I’m sorry for your loss.
If he was killed in hatred of the Catholic faith then he is indeed a martyr whether he’s ever officially declared one or not.

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Thank you for your sympathy.

I called the priest, Fr. Donald Raila O.S.B. who helped with the book and he called me back but unfortunately, I missed the call. I waited a couple of days to see if he would try to call again but I haven’t noticed any more missed calls so I am going to call him again tomorrow. In his voicemail that he left me, he told me that he could send me a copy of the book. I’m excited about this opportunity to get this book about Nadeem and learn more about him. I’m also excited to talk with Fr. Donald Raila O.S.B. about Nadeem.

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