President Trump says he will soon have talks with the leaders of Mexico and Canada to begin to renegotiate the NAFTA trade pact.

Trump says Nafta ‘renegotiations’ with Mexico and Canada to start


I have to admit that as a Canadian I’m a little nervous about this. I hope Mr. Trump keeps in mind that Canada and the US are MUTUALLY each other’s biggest trading partners. We both benefit from an open border and the free exchange of goods and services.


75% of Canadian exports go to America so it is concerning. Trump has divided Canadians. It’s likely Ontario will lose the most whereas Alberta and Saskatchewan will gain the most under a Trump presidency. Ontario is the heart of the Canadian auto industry. Alberta and Saskatchewan sit on vast reserves of oil and some natural gas and the optimism of Canadian energy companies is signalling he is interested in buying more oil & gas from those provinces. Trump is pro-pipelines which is the complete opposite of the Obama administration. Despite the way it’s portrayed, there are many parts of Canada who hated Obama and Clinton and supported Trump. The Prairies are Canada’s flyover country.

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