Naked Harry Potter


Star of Harry Potter movies is going to do a nude scene atop a horse.


Scene is in a stage play and not (thank goodness) in the Harry Potter movies. Sounds a bit gross though, if you read the article.


It doesn’t surprise me…hollywood ruins kids. They’re robbed of their innocence, as so many children are today.


I think the fact that this will overshadow the actual play says more about us, and less about Hollywood, or theater.


I’m still hoping someone somewhere videotaped Nicole Kidman’s stage performance from a few years ago in which she got naked. But to view the play soley for artistic matters of course. :smiley:


As long as he isn’t nude in the movie, Harry Potter, I am not going to judge any decisions that he makes. His posing nude has no effect on me.

Personally, I would feel odd about watching a play that had a child actor who I had watched from the time he was 11-albeit on the screen. So, I wouldn’t see the play.


As someone who follows the HP world obsessivly…It’s a well-known play about a boy who is mentaly unhealthy and see a phyciarst who is played by Harry’s uncle, conicidently…i have people at school telling me “OMG! HARRY POTTER IS IN A PORNO!” People are going a little too far.


It says in the article he’s 17. Isn’t this akin to child pornography or are their laws different across the pond?


I have both read and seen EQUUS.
It is a very disturbing psychodrama/play about a young man
who believes a horse to be God and toward which he feels not only worship but sexual attraction as a form of communion with his God. Toward the end, out of guilt, he stabs out the eyes of several horses and stands screaming, nude and bloodcovered, to his “god,” "Find Me! And Kill Me !! Find Me !! And Kill Me !!!

As an actor myself, I find nothing of merit in EQUUS.
And even so, it is not absolutely necessary to the story
that the young man ride naked on the horse.
Modern playwrights, like most of modern society, tend to be
a little bit warped.

Jaypeeto3 (aka Jaypeeto4)

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