Nakedness and mantilla


I have been thinking that a woman with beautiful clothes on are more attractive than a nearly naked women. Nakedness aren’t attractive.
But Adam and Eve was naked but nowadays nakedness is weird for most of us.
And women with mantilla is somerhing attractive. Here I am not only talking about young women but even those in their 80’s.
We also have a veil on the chalice, right? And it is holy. It seems that this is about a mystery of nakedness.
We seem so stressed and always wanting to be in a hurry to go the fast way to the nakedness rather than the path of the mystery.
We are not in Eden right now
What have you made of this?


Adam and woman in the garden were clothed with light, like Moses’ face shined because he had been in the presence of God.
Grace and peace,


If/ when I wear a mantilla, I’m not wearing it for the benefit of any humans looking at me and couldn’t care less if they find it “attractive”.

I’m not wearing it for them to look at.


I was told when I was very young “the devil finds work for idle hands” by my mother, no, she wasn’t wearing a mantilla.


Now THAT made me chuckle.


My clothes hide a multitude of abominations!


Not really. It’s more to do with how we percieve nakedness. I guess nakedness takes away some of the mystery and show us somwthibg that is more concrete.
It seems to be a bit simmilar to a child looking at the mysterious piano but then after playing things become more concrwte (here and now).
It is hard to explain.


Limestone or marble is good.



Clothes also hide vulnerability.

Nothing more vulnerable than a naked person. No fur to protect it from the elements.


Do you think that’s what happened, Adam suddenly realised he was naked and grabbed a rabbit!



Adam and Eve were sinless when they were created. It wasn’t until they sinned that they realized they were naked. They covered themselves and tried to hide from God. God could still see their sin, represented by their nakedness. I don’t think it had anything to do with how they actually looked - attractive vs unattractive.


When Jesus was stripped of his garments, was he completely naked? Was he completely naked on the cross? Think about it; the son of God hung naked on the cross for our sins! :crying_cat_face:


Yes, that’s what happened.


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