Name days


Hi, I hope this is the right forum to ask this question, but I’m wondering if Western Catholics observe their names day?


This one does...both my own and other people's.


I come of Croatian stock - pretty much exclusively Latin Catholic.

Our family didn’t celebrate our own name days, but I certainly remember wishing our priest (also Croatian, also Latin Catholic) a happy name day every year - being a Stephen, his was 26 December :slight_smile: Probably did the same for at least some others, don’t recall.


Of German Catholic stock here, we did–and still do–celebrate our feast days. That means first names, middle names, and confirmation names too! I was actually born on my brother’s (and father’s) feast day which made it quite the celebration. . .So yes, just about every single month is somebody’s birth day, feast day, or both.


Thanks for the answers, so I guess the answer is it basically depends on cultural traditions. :)


Right. I have never celebrated my name day in my life, and don’t know anyone who does.


Fest of St. Blaise is Feb 5th, my birthday is Feb 4th…guess my parents wanted to make sure i celebrated my saints feast day.


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