Name of the vessel that holds the Hosts

I know the Chalice holds the wine that becomes the Blood of Christ. But I have forgotten the name of the vessel that holds the individual Hosts that Communion is distributed from.



PS. All my Saint Names were Taken so I used my guitar name.
No offense meant.

Ciborium. Plural: ciboria. Small container to take communion to the sick: pyx.

I believe the term you are trying to come up with is “ciborium.”

I remembered the name by the sound but I forgot how to spell it. We had to learn it for our First Communion.

 Thank you so much.


In addition to the ciborium used at Mass to hold the Hosts, and pyx used to transport the Host, the Host is displayed in a monstrance for adoration. See you also get a whole new vocabulary when you become Catholic. :slight_smile:

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