Name something really awful ... that resulted in something really good


One example i think of is the “Reformation” :rolleyes:

It was awful and there have been many adverse effects but at least one good thing came from it:

When people live without Catholicism, they suffer consequences and those consequences (misery, heartache, etc, that always result from sin…) cause the person to (eventually) desire truth and true morality… so he/she returns to the Church (at least sometimes).

Have you ever had something really awful happen to you and then, later down the road, some good thing happened that, had the bad thing NOT happened, would not have happened?


Rape resulting in a baby


Getting kicked out of my first college after I tried to kill myself was the most humiliating experience of my life. But if that had not happened I never would’ve made the decision to transfer to the school I’m at now and I never would’ve found the happieness and healing it has brought me.


Being sexually harrassed resulted in bringing me into a closer relationship with God and made me respect my purity more



Here’s one for all of us:

Adam’s Fall resulted in the new Adam, Jesus Christ, coming to Redeem fallen mankind.



A late miscarriage of my daughter propelled me into the pro-life movement, and resulted in the formation of a Respect Life group at my parish.


I want to say for clarity that mine didn’t happen to me. It was just an example. :shrug:


One of my sisters had a very difficult pregnancy, and another had two extremely difficult births - which resulted in three beautiful children!


Hmmm. My mother dying when I was 14 is definitely in this category, as is being asked to leave the Presbyterian church I had been raised in shortly afterwards. Hmmm. There’s probably more, but those are bad enough, right?

Were it not for the first thing, the second probably would not have happened, and if that had not happened I probably would not have been guided to the Catholic Church. I suppose it’s “all part of God’s great plan”, as she was fond of saying. :slight_smile:


I think we can take something good from anything horrible that has happened. I’m reading a book about a Catholic woman in Rwanda during the 1994 genocide. For 3 months she hid in a tiny bathroom with 5 other women while 800,000 people were massacred. The book is called Left to Tell. She goes on to help others, forgive the Hutus who committed the genocide, and call to stop the hatred between Rwanda’s two main tribes that has been going on for such a long time.


My husband lost his job. We were forced to move halfway across the country for a new job.

I had been a lukewarm “cafeteria” Catholic. The new parish I joined had priests whose preaching and teaching turned my spiritual life around. I made my first good Confession in about 20 years and started taking my faith seriously.

I truly believe that the job loss was God’s way of leading me where I needed to be.


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