Name that Saint


What saint is this ? I bought him at the gift shop in my church.

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Hmmm. :hmmm:

My first guess is :

St Gerard Majella

You can read more about him, here:


I thought St. Gerard Majella too. It might be St. Gabriel Possenti, though.


I think it’s St. Gerard, given the holy cards – look at the clothing, not just the objects. :slight_smile:

Sts. Gerard and Gabriel Possenti, orate pro nobis.


My vote is St. Gerard. St. Gabriel would most likely have the Passionist sign on his cassock.


Yep, that’s St. Gerard Majella.

As the previous poster said, if it were St. Gabriel Possenti, it would show the Passionist symbol on his habit.

Hey, I recognize that statue! It’s made by “Florentine”! I used to work in a Catholic bookstore. Florentine was my favorite statue ‘brand’. They have really nice details.


Thanks for all the help.:slight_smile:


I found a website where they sell the statue.
I got it much cheaper …


St. Gerard Majella is my guess too.
Is it that they didn’t know, you don’t know or just if you wanted to see if we knew?


I didn’t know.


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