Name that Saint!!

Blessings everyone!!!

I’m trying to find a particular female saint that I read about YEARS ago. I’m hoping someone can help me. I can’t remember her name, I thought it was Saint Amanda or something like that, but there seems to be no Amanda among the saints of the church. This girl’s early life reminded me a bit of Mary Magdalene, in that she was said to be quite wicked, or at least had no sense of spirituality.

Then I think when Saint Helena(?) began a crusade to the Holy Lands to find relics of the crucified Christ, this girl opted to go, not out of desire for holiness but because she thought it would be fun to travel. The voyage ended up converting her, and she became a follower of Christ!

Does this jog anyone’s memory?
Thanks in advance,
God Bless,

Nothing springs to mind, sorry.

That’s ok. Maybe someone has the answer.


It sounds like St Mary of Egypt, maybe…


Yes!! I think that’s her!!!
Thank you so much for all your help!!

God Bless,

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