Name the last thing you ate and drank

I didn’t participate too much in this thread, but I miss it, so here goes…:slightly_smiling_face:

A banana and a cup of coffee


Water and cashews

Coffee and a biscuit (cookie)

Spinach and goats’ cheese quiche, a spinach salad, and water.

Spicy nori roll + water.

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Veggie burrito, no drink

I too am glad to see this thread come back! You are what you eat. It is a little worrying to think this could actually be the most interesting thread up these days. Definitely in my top five.


I’d better go and eat something healthy and interesting then :grin:
I’ve only had coffee for breakfast :confused:


Fried eggs and a glass of milk.

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Peppermint tea and dark chocolate


Since the CAF change,I find myself spending most of my time on this sub forum,which was not the case for me prior to the changes


How would you describe that :slight_smile:
Looks good

Similar to a Sam Adam’s Winter Lager but not as hoppy. Doesn’t hit as hard either. Smooth with hints of vanilla and malts :beer:


Right. I used to do a lot of news threads. But now I gravitate more toward casual, also the Catholic forums, spirituality, apologetics, whatever they are, mainly because that is the most traffic at least right now it seems. I try and find three or four threads (anywhere!) that are tolerably interesting, have potential anyway. I post and hope for the best. I don’t see a lot of really good interesting conversations develop though. Maybe a few. Or they just go into Trump or the Pope or whatever. Same-o same-o. I’d rather hear about what people are eating. Maybe get an idea or two. I made a great white bean and kale/chard soup this week, with fresh bread from the bakery. Spicy - lots of red chilis and garlic. With a glass of red wine. Soup season is here! it.

Fried egg and tomato



Natural yogurt, blueberries,
ground flax seed, sesame seeds, almonds
a dash of cinnamon
And a mug of coffee.

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trail mix
tea & honey

Kedgeree + water.

Cordial and asparagus :smile:

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