Name the last thing you ate and drank


When I grow okra, I have zucchini in the garden with it. (I have no idea why.) I do container gardening and thanks to inheriting a lot of my former neighbor’s garden, I have enough containers to grow a wide variety of things. She and I would grow different plants and then share the harvest between us. She fell and had to move into an assisted living facility. So most of her plants came to me. I only have to replace 5 pots and figure out how I’m going to get all the potting soil I need to maintain it.

So anyway, today’s lunch was a sausage, egg, cheese and potato burrito and okra with seltzer water to wash it down. Since it was so late, I may not need to have supper tonight.


I had some Hershey’s chocolates…

Some Miniatures and some Nuggets. :yum:



Can we post what we are going to eat next?

I have decided try kind of a fritata/scrambled egg thing: two eggs with a few fresh bread croutons (broiled before), tomato, goat cheese and possibly a little orange bell pepper thrown in, just fry it all, like a hash or like an omelette. Served with another piece of whole wheat bread (toasted) and maybe a side dish of peas. Why? Because that is all that I have in the kitchen. The fresh whole wheat bread is now two days old, so I need to use as much as possible. Also want to use up the goat cheese soon. Glass of syrah. Hope it is edible to good to very good. You can put a lot of stuff in eggs - potatoes are good, so is bread actually. Will see.


Diet coke and rasins.


Sounds both tasty and adventurous :slight_smile:
Green tea and some salsa with rye flat bread


I don’t see why we can’t post what we’re going to have next…

I think that it makes for a really fun thread when everyone posts what they’ve eaten, and what they’re doing…

I made leftover “16 bean soup” for our dinner, along with some leftover dinner rolls, from one of those pre-mixed soup packet bags that you see in the store.

It called for a certain-sized slow-cooker for the initial recipe, and I made the mistake of using one that was just a quart too small. Oops…

Won’t don’t that again, as the beans didn’t have time to cook down properly and I had to finish the soup in another pot.

If it’s one thing that I don’t like, it’s beans and legumes that are too crunchy at first but I was able to remedy that, but other than that, it turned out good with ham and chicken broth and carrots and diced tomatoes and onions in it, and every other bean, pea and lentil you could think of, under the sun! LOL!! :grin:


thud Those are my weaknesses.

I had a burrito around 1am since the dog kept me awake and I couldn’t get back to sleep. Since I’m having surgery tomorrow morning, I have to be extremely good today and stick to soups. I’ve chosen Creamy Tomato with Basil, Beef Pot Roast and Chicken and Wild Rice. I may or may not snack on toast if I need to.


I pray that all goes well with your surgery and recovery, @lilypadrees.

God bless you! :slightly_smiling_face:


Pound Cake with blueberries and whipped cream
and tea


Having a cup of tea and fried egg and tomatoes for breakfast,about to make toast :slight_smile:


Pizza and Coke Zero.


It has potential. After much careful prep time I overheated the pan, ‘browning’ the eggs a bit (which I dislike) and I threw in too much goat cheese. Still the parts that weren’t browned or without too much cheese were quite good. Idea was sound - execution poor. :smiley: Next time I need to get rid of left overs I will try it again. Mushrooms would have been good in it too.


I eat beans a lot since I am a vegetarian. I know a lot of cooks go back and forth about soaking beans overnight, but I swear by it. Really cuts down cooking time and you get a better consistency in your beans. Softer, more moisture, tastier. I also cook the beans on their own usually the next morning, at least for 30 mins or so, then when I get home to make the soup - they are ready to go. I just saute the garlic, onions, whatever vegetables I am using and throw the precooked beans and water into that. 20-30 mins later I have soup.

And I agree on hearing about recipes. It is fascinating to hear what people do. Everyone is so different.


The recipe said that the beans didn’t have to soak ahead of time, but I soaked them overnight, and then cooked them as suggested, but as mentioned, I didn’t give them enough space. Not only that, but they didn’t have enough liquid to cook in either. So, there was that mistake as well. Live and learn.

I usually make bean soup on the stove in a large pot, and let it simmer and cook that way, but I thought that I would try it this way in my slow cooker. I have made other soups in it without any problem, but now I know that I just need to make it in a larger cooker with more liquid, and give it enough time to cook, too.:slightly_smiling_face:


I bought this really nice big ceramic (French) stew pot. I just love it. It is particularly good for big batches of soup; it is better to slow cook. I am kind of impatient so I use medium heat in it a lot. But I admit that soups benefit from low heat and time. I do better when I am not hungrily awaiting my dinner. :slight_smile: I have a separate big pan for boiling my beans which I use for boiling potatoes too, sometimes pasta. This conversation has inspired me to go make my lentil soup instead of lazily bypassing it for a bowl of pasta!! Who said CAF isn’t good for you??


Cold pressed vegetable juice and a fiber one bar


Licorice chocolate bullets :sweat_smile:


Roast lamb and vegetables.Yogurt for dessert :slight_smile:


Thank you so much.

God love you. :hugs:

I had Chicken Soup and crackers last night with some seltzer water. Nothing since then. They say I can eat anything I want after the surgery. What I want is a Whopper meal. What I can handle may be different. We’ll see.

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