Name the last thing you ate and drank


Shrimp Cocktail (homemade) and Propel water.


Greek yogurt, an apple, a piece of cheese, and spiced tomato juice.


a homemade spam spread (spam, mayo & pickles) on crackers
ice tea


Lunch at my desk

Fettuccine Alfredo
Jalapeño Ranch chips or crisps
Gala Apple :apple:


Enchilada, tamale, rice, beans, tortilla chips with guac. Propel water.


Pasta with eggplant. And some ginger ale to drink.


Mai fun noodles with shrimp and vegetables
Chocolate cake
Peach nectarine soda


Rice, beans, tortilla chips and guac.


Meatloaf vegetables and mashed potatoe and to drink mountain dew. Cooked the kids favourites for dinner tonight as we needed a sit down chat. Mr 11 new something was up straight away


Mocha coffee, wild blueberry scone


A slice of crusty white bread and haslet on top.
A coffee, no milk, one saccharin and one spoon of sugar.

(Then a handful of sweet raisins because of the saccharin! Diets never going to work.)


That is what I am having. :sunglasses:


Milt, I know I could look it up but what is meatloaf? I’m thinking a minced meat loaf shaped thing, containing onions, garlic and stock?



So, one of my most favourite things is meatballs, made with the same or similar ingredients but are individually rounded shapes covered in light flour and fried in a pan. When they’re almost done you add gravy to the pan and simmer for a while, ultra scrumptious. So I guess I’d really enjoy meatloaf!
Thanks Milt

Hey, it says in the UK we have haslet instead, not true, but I’d did have a slice of haslet on my bread this morning, how odd. I very rarely see it in one specific shop and it’s made in Suffolk.


I like meatballs too, but I generally slow cook them in either gravy or tomato sauce.
Meatloaf is generally a giant sized meatball.


Have you had Swedish meatballs?


I ate two mince pies. And I’ve abandoned my diet. There’s no point in living a lie :cry:


The chocolate cake I got from a friend tasted even better than expected. It turned out to be not only chocolate but it had swirls of pistachio cake in it.

I brought it to work to share but I still ended up eating a lot of it.


Was it Mark Twain who said “I can resist everything except temptation.”

I’m inconsolable atm, only a chocolate cake as you describe could possibly help mitigate my sorrow and :weary: despair.

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