Name the last thing you ate and drank


Snickers and cough drops. Going for water now.


I hope that you feel better soon, lily!

Beef veggie soup and saltine crackers, with some duplex sandwich cookies and some cold bottled water.


Thank you so much, oldgraymare2. Had my flu shot last week and have been sick ever since. The cold temperatures aren’t helping matters. But I’m having lots of soup and saltines. The cough drops are taken when I’m so tired of coughing that I can’t stand it anymore. It’s shopping week. Plan on getting some tea and honey.

Eating soup, soup and more soup. I figure the beef broth in the soup helps the congestion.


Praying that you feel better soon! :heart:

God bless you!

Soup always tastes good to me when I’m not feeling well. :slightly_smiling_face:


I had the soup going all night. If I don’t get something else in me, I’m going to turn into soup. But it really does hit the spot especially since it’s been cold outside today. I figure if I keep having a bowl an hour, I’ll have it finished by tomorrow.


Hope you get better soon,and keep warm!

Just had a bowl of porridge for breakfast,with cinnamon:)


Black tea with lemon and honey is my old standby for a sore throat,and gargling salt water( :confused: )


3 pieces of See’s Candy - Nuts and Chews.

I meant to eat only one :grin:



Working on staying warm. And I have plenty of cats who will help me with that.


Can’t do the salt water since I’m on a low sodium diet. (My mother and I were both in Stage 4 renal failure.)


Dark chocolate with sea salt and some ginger tea


A bean burrito enchilada style, rice, and water.


Mini Tootsie Rolls and water.


orange juice w/ brewer’s yeast (blenderized)
fresh popped popcorn w/ slice of fresh parmesan cheese
glass of milk

I had yellow popcorn, prefer white


A Cherry Ripe and an energy drink …:crazy_face:


No food yet, just trying to wake up, and starting on my second cup.


Good morning :slight_smile:
Had mixed veg and butter
Crumbed fish and a glass of milk for dinner (Teatime as my family always called dinner,lunch was always called dinner)


Egg McMuffin + milk.


Scrambled eggs with cheese yet again…


Miniature Tootsie Roll Pops and water.

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