Name the last thing you ate and drank


I haven’t had breakfast yet. My dinner was grilled chicken with broccoli rabe and a glass of water to drink.


Glad to see you again, @Rosebud77!! :heart:

I had some chocolate chip pound cake, with some cold bottled water.

I love Egg McMuffins! They’re one of my very favorite breakfast sandwiches when we get something out to eat. :slightly_smiling_face:


Water…ice cold tank rain water on a frosty night!


Breakfast was blueberries, banana, whole grain cereal and coffee with almond milk.

I realize I don’t like almond milk and I really want a chocolate croissant :croissant:.

Darn triglycerides! :frowning:


Pot of white tea - lavender rose. Darn good.


Candy and water…

(It’s National Candy Day.)


(Does salt water taffy qualify?)
Coffee and grilled pizza base with cheese and tomatoes,black pepper


A piece of toast and a cup of coffee.

Going out for “Second Breakfast” later after Mass.


Yes, salt water taffy qualifies.

What kind cheese on that pizza?

As for me, still candy and water. Plan to have Slim Fast later.


Just a soft Colby cheese.
Eggs on toast ,cup of tea .


Sounds yummy.

Had fish yesterday for lunch and water.


I have a whole watermelon in the fridge to eat,it will take me a little while
but I love watermelon :slight_smile: :watermelon::watermelon::watermelon:


Watermelon. Yuuuummmmm…

Plain toast here.

(Gonna have to get me some watermelon at the store tho.)


Some coffee and a banana :monkey:


Fruit scone and coffee at the community centre before I dash for the boat home…


Double Americano, blackberry crumble muffin, granny smith apple. (not in that order)


Whopper, fries, Coke and lemon crumb cake


Pretend coffee and bread(bread was real enough)


Club crackers.

Then I ordered groceries from making myself hungry.


Veggie soup with saltines, and cold bottled water to drink.

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