Name the last thing you ate and drank


1 candy cane. Getting ready to go back to the hot wings. I still have a few left.:blush:


Reading replies made me jump out of bed ,make a cup of tea and eat cerial :+1:


Finished the eggnog. Now going for Toaster Scrambles even tho I should have salad.


Toaster Scrambles (now gone), Caesar salad and spaghetti and meat sauce. Oh, and seltzer water.


Bowel of tomato soup, grilled cheese sandwich & a seltzer.


Just had the first sips of a cup of coffee


Chips and diet Pepsi.


And cake?
A banana and a Mango Lassi



I sure hope not. Haha.


Baked potato w/brown rice, and a RedBull.


Potato wedges and sour cream and sweet chilli sauce to go with it.


A piece of toast and tea.


3 pcs of fish and some boiled custard.


That’s what I get for typing on my phone.


A donut and a coke.


Cabbage/kale/carrot salad - oil and vinegar
Bowl of lentil soup
Macaroni and cheese - homemade
Glass of Pinot Grigio (not a great pairing but better than expected)


A ‘natural’ energy drink,
A vegemite sandwich on light rye bread(lots of butter :slight_smile: )


Coffee and cake.


A slice of banana bread that was given to me as a gift
(a whole loaf all to myself :yum: )
and tea.


A cup of coffee and a couple of biscuits(cookies)

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