Name the worst movies ever made

on my list:

Ace Ventura / Pet Detective (didn’t see whole thing… was “forced” to watch it because i had an emergency one time & had to stay with this family one night… and they were not as “intellectual” as I… :banghead::ouch: Not being a snot just calling it as it is…) Probably the dumbest, most disgusting movie ever made…

anyhow… another one would be

Westworld!! awful movie… no “moral” to the story whatsoever… either that or i missed it… but i doubt I missed much… violent &… un-realistic… waste o’time… The idea was intriguing but … I thought of about 20 ways they could have made it interesting… too bad they didn’t consult me before releasing it… :smiley: So why did i watch it… hmm… I’d get pounced if i answered that one… so … uh… I’m taking the cowardly way out… suffice it to say (and isn’t this the excuse that always works anyhow??? Namely: “i am human”…

Just goes to prove Purgatory… i.e: God punishes us even for being human… :smiley:

I’m trying to think of a 3rd worthless movie… but haven’t watched any new ones… or even old ones… that are totally worthless… (in a long time).

Water World. of course :rolleyes:

never heard of it… what’s it about? why is it bad?

congratulations on your choice to become Cahtolic…

i love conversion stories so anything you tell me (and whomever else) would be great…

if you are ok with that… ?


Cider House Rules SOUNDS like a loser…

but never seen it…

Have you??

supposed to have pro-abortion message…

gee… coming from Hollywood??? :eek:

… stranger than fiction…

Somewhere in Time A film which elevates sappy sentimentality to the level of virtue, romanticizes severe psychotic breakdown and demonstrates that Christopher Reeve had no acting talent without millions of dollars in special effects to assist him.

The Silver Chalice with Paul Newman. Just generally a poorly directed movie.

thanks… now i know one movie to skip…

must be a new one… i think most of those new ones are skip-worthy…

of course i don’t watch TV, don’t keep on new movies… so wouldn’t know… but the way the world is, the way Hollywood is… i can guess pretty good… :rolleyes:

why do you say that?

I’ve heard of that one… doesn’t he play a priest??

is it anti-Cathlic?

was Newman anti-catholic…?

  1. Plan Nine from Outer Space (by the worst director of all time)
  2. Starship Troopers

who is??

  1. Starship Troopers

can you explain the plots and why you don’ like these movies??

i hate movies where you can’t hear the dialogue… and you just KNOW they’re saying something profound… and you play it back over and over and stil can’t u/stand…

I listened to loud music when i was young so my hearing isn’t the best… but stil… you’d think they could make movies a little… better than that…

Rain Man was like that…

i couldn’t figure out if something traumatic happened with Raymond & his little brother (bathtub scene… tom cruise running hot water…?) anyone out there actually HEAR what they said in that scene? and there were other sceneds i didn’t hear 100% either…

a lot of that movie was filmed with background noises included… cars with windows down or the top down… etc…

***Also: anyone know if that was a true story or based on a true story??? ***

No,no, no. Takes place after death of Christ and Newman runs around in a toga. His first big movie. Newman actually took out an ad apologizing for it. It was made in 1954. Fun to spot the large array of stars in it.

Newman is a Greek artist who is commissioned to turn the cup of the Last Supper into a silver chalice with the heads of all the apostles and Christ on it.

In real life, Newman was born a Jew.

The Unforgiven

did he ever convert?

he was a philanthopist… which was really cool… gave away a lot of $$ from what i’ve heard…

what is that about…?

(I’m movie-illiterate… hate modern movies because of sex & violence… )

do you think there are ANY good (as in Christian) movies made these days?? :frowning:

Conversion story wise, I need to write one up for everyone at some point. As for Water World, it was a tanked film in the 90s (?) that was all around bad. Someone mentioned the Silver Chalice. I can’t speak for the film, but the book is good.

but what is it about??

#1 Battlefield Earth
#2 Cable Guy


There are only a few posts and already some good movies have been put up that should not be nominated.

Waterworld was not a terrible movie, it had some funny parts that are good to make fun of and quote

Starship troopers was a great movie! it had action and was a really cool view of a militaristic society battling aliens.

Ace Ventura is so funny. I liked the second one better however.

Edward D. Wood Jr.

The Plan Nine from Outer Space plot happens in the 1950’s by aliens who plant electrodes into the pituitary glands of the recent dead so as to control them like automatons. Unfortunately, the human anatomy causes them to do things that are not directly commanded by the alien’s such as seeking out and killing the living.
You just have to see this one to appreciate it.

Ed Wood was voted the worst movie director of all time by Hollywood back in the 1980’s.
Bad acting, bad sets, bad script, and cheep special effects (i.e. painted paper plates suspended from a fishing pole that hovers over a model of Hollywood).

Starship Troopers is based sometime in the future when Earth is at war with the bug planet. The script is just the worst! For example, the new military recruits go to basic training where they war game with laser guns that are so powerful one of the cadets gets his head cut “clean off” with the weapon during a training accident. However, when they go into battle, they are outfitted with 20 century M16s.

Another hilarious part (and it’s not meant to be funny) is how the bugs shoot down Earth’s high tech battle cruiser armada. The bugs use giant beetles that hoist their butts up into aiming position and shoot hot balls of plasma out of their rear-ends. These go up into orbit and decimate the Earth fleet.

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