Name this Fabric!


Sewers, Crafters, Quilters, ANYONE!!!

Do you know the name of this type of fabric??? I really don’t know how to describe it (other than the picture), it is stretchy.


It looks like chenille.


I agree!


Me three, chenille.


Yep - me four - chenille. Or as I’m fond of calling it: shin-ee-lee :smiley: :rotfl:

Sorry - I crack myself up sometimes.





I don’t think it is a chenille, it is more of a satin type, to me it looks like thin satin ribbon sewn together with something elastic. You can see through it so it is also kind of a mesh.

I always thought chenille was cotton?? Are their different types?


It also looks like it is knitted together, although upon closer examimation it is sewn together, likely mass produced.

I have looked at my local fabric and hobby stores and didn’t see anything like it in there. Without a name I am coming up empty online :frowning:


Yes - there can be other types of chenille. It really is more of a description of something that is a bit fuzzy from clipped ends, and can be made into trims, or detail on fabric, or the entire weave of the fabric overall.

Do a Google image search for chenille and see what you come up with.

Yours looks like a chenille trim to me.



The photo looks like a strip - is this an edging/decorative trim or is it wide fabric?


I don’t know for sure, someone gave me it as a headband, although I saw in a store baby hats made out of it. I want to make some of the baby hats, but need to find this to make them.


Interesting - chenille where I come from is cut-pile or loop-pile fabric often used for cheap-and-cheerful bedspreads, but I always thought the word referred to different materials in different countries.

I’d have said “elasticated ric-rac braid”. :o


Here is a picture of the hats. They won’t tell me the name of the material or where to get it … trade secret :frowning:


Take the material in to a fabric store like Hancock’s and the ladies will help you. The ladies who work at Hancock know everything about material!


If you go look at baby’s r us, or even target you’ll find this fabric in newer baby blankets – and it’s called chenille, or super soft chenille. Carter’s makes blankets out of it. I have one that’s stripped and really nice. I also bought one 8 year ago when it (the soft, silky chenille) first came out and it fell apart in the machine.

Yes, chenille can be cotton “cut pile” but it’s also like this now too. Here’s what it looks like in blanket form –

You can get the yarn and crochet the beanie right? Or if you can’t you can find blankets like this and cut out a circle and sew into the hat –

Check Target both in baby and home areas…


I could swear I’ve seen this same fabric in swimware.


OK, you hit something there, I think they used to make swim suit cover ups out of this type of material.

I am going to try to take it by the fabric shop after work or in the morning. Hopefully they have it. I am still coming up empty with my web search. I have looked and looked under chenille. I really don’t think that is it. This is more of a lightweight summer material. That is the nice thing about the hats, they are more of a summer hat.

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