Name Used During Baptism


Hi All;

I might be being a little scrupulous here, I’m not sure.

I was reflecting on my baptism as I have recently come back into full communion with the church.

When I was baptised as an adult, the priest used the short version of my name; not my full Christian name. He only used my first name, too.

Does it matter - or can baptism be conferred without even using the person’s name? It is the water and the words ‘I baptise you in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit’ which is important, yes?



Yes. Then no.

Yes, you’re being scrupulous.

No, it doesn’t matter. The name of the person is not essential to the baptism.


Thanks :thumbsup:

Hope this is helpful if anyone else has this query.


You are still validly baptized, but the priest should have used your full first and middle names. Surnames are not necessary.


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