Name venerated martyrs off the top of your head?


The Child Martyrs of Tlaxcala

Cristero War martyrs:

Saint Jose Sanchez del Rio, martyred at age 14

Saint Christopher Magallanes and Companions (21 other priests and 3 lay people) martyred between 1915 and 1937 in 8 Mexican states, canonized as a group by St. John Paul II and sharing a feast day of May 21. One member of this group, Saint Toribio Romo, the “Holy Smuggler” , has become known on his own for allegedly appearing to help Mexicans trying to cross the US Border.

Spanish Civil War Martyrs:

Martyrs of Turon (St. Cirilo Bertran and Companions)
St. Innocencio of Mary Immaculate
St. Jaime Hilario Barbal
St. Pedro Poveda

Approximately 1,880 additional clergy and religious have been beatified as Spanish Civil War martyrs, but not yet canonized. The beatification process is underway for approximately 2,000 more.


Up to this point no one mentioned the good and old St. Gennaro (Januarius)?


I actually saw a Lituragical calender… I was surprised when I saw there was a day for Korean martyrs


I like the picture, wish there were more Catholic parades than gay pride and pro-abortion marches



Procession, not parade.


I know it’s a procession, I just simplified it

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